You want how much? Deutsche Bank balks at regulator’s $14bn demand
Deutsche Bank has been told to pay $14bn to settle an investigation into mortgage-linked financial products.
Rusty tailgates and engine fault prompt Mazda to recall 2.3 million vehicles
Mazda is to recall 2.3 million vehicles worldwide over potential problems with their tailgates and diesel engines.
Amazon among the possible buyers as Google seeks to offload robotics division
Google is looking to sell its robotics division - and one of the buyers thought to be in the frame is Amazon. Despite impressive breakthroughs from...
Thousands of jobs on the line as Shell suffers 80% slump in profits
More job losses are on the cards at Royal Dutch Shell which reported an 80% plunge in profits on Thursday.
Unstoppable slide in price of oil sends share prices plunging across the globe
Stock markets worldwide have tumbled amid growing fears over the state of the world economy caused by the seemingly unstoppable slide in oil prices.
MGM takes a gamble as it introduces charges for parking on Las Vegas Strip
It’s a city built on luring tourists with cheap thrills and free cocktails but a big chunk of the Las Vegas Strip will soon lose its most basic freebie:...
Blocking the unblockers: Netflix launches clampdown on viewers using proxies
Netflix has declared war on subscribers who use an internet dodge to watch content not available in their home countries.
Donald Trump threatens to pull £700m Scots investment
Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw £700m ($1bn) of planned investment in Scotland if he is banned from entering the UK.
Chinese markets halt trading for the day after shares plunge
Trading on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has been suspended for the day, after shares plunged by about 7%. The Shanghai Composite Index...
Apple to pay €318 million to shake off investigation into unpaid tax in Italy
Apple has agreed to pay €318m (£235m) to settle a dispute with Italian authorities after allegations that it dodged tax payments.
Dismay as Australia approves huge coal port plant near Great Barrier Reef
Plans have been approved for a controversial coal port expansion to support mining projects and the dredging of 1.1 million cubic metres (2.4 million cubic...
Toshiba to cut 7,000 jobs in PC and TV units as losses to hit $4.5bn
Japan’s Toshiba Corp said on Monday it will cut nearly 7,000 consumer electronics jobs after a $1.3 billion accounting scandal, in an overhaul that...
Chinese metals tycoon goes missing after thousands of investors lose $6bn
The chairman of a faltering Chinese metal exchange, which allegedly left investors $6 billion out of pocket, has gone missing.
Martin Shkreli won’t have to hand over his Wu-Tang album — for now
A press conference announcing federal fraud charges against former hedge fund boss Martin Shkreli took an unusual turn Thursday with a question about a...
Volkswagen in the dock as inquiry launched into emission test rigging
Volkswagen is to face a European Union inquiry into the emission test rigging scandal.
Arrested: Tycoon who enraged the world by raising price of drug by 5,000%
Entrepreneur Martin Shkreli - who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% - has been arrested by the FBI.
Boost for markets as China’s economy shows signs of bouncing back
China delivered a welcome boost to the world’s economy on Saturday with figures showing business at its factories growing at its highest rate for...
Billionaire dubbed ‘China’s Warren Buffet’ goes missing as corruption probe widens
A billionaire investor known as “China’s Warren Buffet” has gone missing.
Elon Musk’s futuristic Hyperloop transport system edges closer to reality
A California company with visions of building a futuristic transportation system to one day zip people and packages at nearly the speed of sound has announced...
Australia seeks ‘ideas boom’ with tax breaks and visa boosts
Australia will introduce an entrepreneur visa and offer tax breaks for start-ups, the government said on Monday as it tries to unleash an “ideas...
Zuckerberg dismisses ‘tax dodge’ claims over $45bn charity initiative
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has hit back at critics who said giving away 99 per cent of his fortune was little more than a tax avoidance move.
McDonald’s protests its innocence as investigation opens into ’$1bn tax dodge’
McDonald’s is the latest multi-national company to face an EU inquiry into its tax arrangements.
Whistleblower whose leaks exposed bank tax evasion jailed for five years
A whistleblower whose disclosures uncorked the Swissleaks scandal of bank-supported tax evasion, was jailed for five years on Friday.
Cut off: Gazprom halts Ukraine gas supplies after upfront payments stop
Russian company Gazprom has stopped gas supplies to Ukraine until Kiev pays for more energy.
On the slide: Japan falls back into recession for fifth time in seven years
Japan has fallen back into recession, prompting expectations of further support from the country’s government and central bank. Gross domestic...
US department store Bloomingdale’s apologises for ‘date rape’ advert
Department store Bloomingdale’s has been forced to apologise after an advert in its holiday catalogue appeared to reference date rape.
100,000 travellers hit by Lufthansa flight attendants’ strike
Lufthansa says some 100,000 airline passengers won’t be able to travel Wednesday because of an ongoing strike by flight attendants.
100,000 travellers hit by Lufthansa flight attendants’ strike
Lufthansa says some 100,000 airline passengers won’t be able to travel Wednesday because of an ongoing strike by flight attendants.
One billion log on to Facebook every day as revenues near $4.5bn
For the first time, one billion people now check their Facebook News Feed every day. The social network now has more than 1.5 billion registered users...
Standard Chartered bank to axe 15,000 jobs in cost-cutting shake-up
Standard Chartered is to slash 15,000 jobs worldwide and is making a $5.1 billion (£3.3 billion) cash-call to investors as part of a major overhaul...

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