Emergency meeting of European leaders called over migration crisis
The EU has called an emergency meeting of European leaders to address the growing migration crisis.
Migrant children ‘close to death after being loaded in lorry like animals’
Three children are in a critical condition after they were rescued from a lorry carrying 26 migrants in Austria. The two girls and a boy, aged five...
Railways under scrutiny as European nations gather for Paris security summit
The use of scanners at railway stations will be among measures discussed by European ministers at a security summit called after the foiled gun attack...
Austrian migrant tragedy suspects arrive at Hungarian court
Four suspects in the deaths of 71 migrants found in an abandoned truck in Austria arrived Saturday for a court hearing in Hungary.
Ukrainian crisis: U.S. works with Poland to deploy heavy weaponry
Poland’s defense minister said Thursday the United States would deploy heavy weapons to the EU state next year, as regional tensions run high over...
Migrant toll mounts: Up to 50 refugees found suffocated in the back of a lorry
The bodies of up to 50 refugees have been found in the back of a lorry in Austria.
Migrant crisis: Merkel vows no tolerance for hate as 44 die in Mediterranean
German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced down far-right hecklers on Wednesday, vowing zero tolerance for “vile” anti-migrant violence as at least...
Migrant crisis: Merkel booed but barbed wire and teargas fail to stem the human tide
Police used teargas on an angry mob in Hungary while German leader Angela Merkel was jeered by far-right protesters in the latest signs of deepening tensions...
Gunman charged with terrorism over foiled ‘plot to kill hundreds on train’
The Moroccan suspect in a foiled attack on a high-speed Paris-bound train is facing terrorism charges over what authorities say was a plan to unleash carnage...
Six-month-old baby among dead in gunman’s killing spree at traveller camp
Four people including a six-month-old baby and a police officer have been killed after a drunken gunman opened fire at a traveller camp in France.
Hungary may send army to border as fence proves futile in stemming migrant tide
Hungary is considering using the army to secure its southern border where record numbers of migrants are streaming into the European Union.
Russia briefly bans Wikipedia over entry which ‘contained banned info’
Russia has cancelled a ban on the Russian-language version of Wikipedia after it caused controversy among internet users in the country.
Thousands of exhausted migrants on long march to better life reach Serbia
Thousands of exhausted migrants trudged on foot into Serbia on Monday as they continued their gruelling journey towards hopes of a better life in Europe...
Pilot killed as two planes collide and crash during air show in Switzerland
At least one person has died after two planes collided in mid-air at an airshow in northern Switzerland.
Police abandon the tear gas as migrants are finally told: ‘Welcome to Macedonia’
Hundreds of migrants crossed unhindered from Greece into Macedonia on Sunday after overwhelmed security forces appeared to abandon efforts to stop them. Riot...
Thousands of desperate migrants breach police lines on Macedonia border
Thousands of migrants and refugees have broken through police lines on Macedonia’s southern border. A Reuters reporter said officers threw two...
Thousands of drenched migrants remain trapped on Macedonia border
The desperate scenes along Macedonia’s southern border have continued, as migrants and refugees are stopped from heading north towards western Europe.
Police fire stun grenades as thousands of migrants charge at border crossing
Special police forces fired stun grenades to disperse thousands of migrants stuck on a no-man’s land between Macedonia and Greece.
Britain and France crack down on migrants
Britain and France on Thursday announced tougher security tools to guard the Channel Tunnel, a new joint police command to target human traffickers and...
2,400 refugees arrive on car ferry as Europe’s migrant crisis deepens
A car ferry carrying more than 2,400 Syrian refugees arrived on the Greek mainland on Thursday as a wave of migrants fleeing conflict and poverty continued...
Parachutists leap to safety but seven are killed as aircraft collide in mid-air
Seven people were killed when two planes carrying civilian parachutists rehearsing for an air show collided in mid-air on Thursday in Slovakia. The...
Firefighters hurt as blaze rages at Paris science museum for six hours
A fire at one of Europe’s biggest science museums, the Cite des Sciences in Paris, was brought under control after raging for six hours on Thursday.
Germany braced for record influx as migration crisis worsens
Germany could see as many as 800,000 migrants arriving this year — four times the number from last year, its interior minister said Wednesday.
German parliament to back Greek bailout despite rebellion
German lawmakers are expected to vote overwhelmingly in favor of Greece’s third bailout on Wednesday, even though Chancellor Angela Merkel faces...
Hungary sending thousands of police to stop migrants breaching border fence
Hungary will send thousands of policemen to its southern border with Serbia where it is building a security fence to stem an influx of migrants, a top...
Tsipras likely to call confidence vote after party revolt
The Greek government appears likely to call a confidence vote following a rebellion among lawmakers from the ruling Syriza party over the country’s...
‘Today is a good day to die’ tattoo links severed leg to football hooligan
A severed leg found in a river in Rome is believed to belong to a violent gangster linked to a group of hardline football supporters.
At least 40 migrants ‘suffocated in filth’, says Italian navy captain
At least 40 migrants have died at sea and hundreds more have been rescued from an overcrowded smugglers’ boat in the Mediterranean sea.
William and Kate: Paparazzi must stop harassing our children
Kensington Palace has accused paparazzi photographers of harassing Prince George, saying the royal toddler had become their “number one target”...
Girl, 5, dies after getting head stuck in lift installed for her disabled brother
A girl of five has died after her head became stuck in a lift at a house in Weymouth, Dorset. Alexis Brown was pronounced dead at the scene at her...

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