Pressure of power: Richard III ‘was driven to drink’ due to king struggles
Richard III may have struggled with the pressures of being king, polishing off a bottle of wine a day, according to researchers.
Cameron warns IS militants could take terror fight ‘on to streets of Britain’
David Cameron has warned that if the Islamic State’s onslaught continues Europe will be facing a “poisonous” terrorist state on the shores...
Dock workers find 35 people ‘screaming and banging’ in shipping container
One man has died and 18 others are being treated in hospitals after being rescued from a shipping container at the Tilbury docks, the main port for London...
Ukraine claims to destroy Russian equipment; aid convoy wrangling continues
Ukraine said on Friday it had destroyed part of a Russian military convoy that entered onto its territory in an incursion that has sent cross-border tensions...
Chess Olympics in Norway marred by deaths of two leading players
A major international chess tournament has ended in tragedy after the deaths of two players.
Ukraine sets conditions for Russian convoy as death toll soars
Ukraine set conditions for letting in Russian aid shipments to rebel-held eastern regions as the U.N.
Police search house, launch sex abuse investigation against Cliff Richard
British police on Thursday searched a house belonging to veteran rock star Cliff Richard in connection with sexual allegations dating back to the 1980s.
Pilot’s artificial arm ‘became detached while landing plane’
A captain lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in for a landing, an accident report has said.
Battle of Donetsk: Shells heard in rebel-held city as aid convoy nears border
Heavy shelling has pounded the centre of Ukraine’s separatist-held city of Donetsk, as a large Russian aid convoy rumbled towards the border.
'Miraculous' story of survival as Swiss train derailed by landslide
A passenger train derailed into a ravine in a mountainous region of southeastern Switzerland after encountering a mudslide on the tracks, Swiss police...
Derailed train carriages taking passengers from St Moritz plunge into ravine
A train carrying 200 passengers has been derailed by a landslide causing several carriages to plunge into a ravine.
Ukraine again says ‘halt’ to Russian aid convoy; Kiev, U.S. suspect Trojan horse
A convoy of nearly 300 trucks carrying what Russia says is humanitarian aid for victims of fighting in eastern Ukraine moved slowly toward the border on...
Five climbers die on Mont Blanc peak at height of Alpine climbing season
Five climbers have died on Mont Blanc—Europe’s highest peak—and another is missing, a mayor in the French Alps said.
Jewish group urges name change for French hamlet called ‘Death to Jews’
Prominent Jewish group the Simon Wiesenthal Centre has sent a letter to France’s interior minister to demand a tiny hamlet south of Paris called...
European court condemns UK over prisoner vote ban—but no payout for convicts
A group of British prisoners have lost a compensation bid for being denied the right to vote.
Prostitution ban in Norway successful against human trafficking, study says
Norway’s ban on buying sex has reduced human trafficking and has not increased violence against women, as some had feared, a study commissioned by...
Ukraine to stop Russian aid convoy over fears it holds troops or weapons
Ukraine has said it will stop an unofficial Russian aid convoy from crossing into a rebel-held part of the country.
Dinghy sailors rescued from rough seas as Bertha hits Northern Ireland regatta
Ten sailors have been injured after a regatta in Northern Ireland was hit by a squall.
Over 100 inmates on the run after shell hits Ukrainian prison
An artillery shell has hit a high-security prison in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, as government forces step up their assault to retake the city from rebels.
Call me Kellie: Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney ‘now a woman’
Former boxing promoter Frank Maloney, the man behind Britain’s former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis’s march to the top, is undergoing...
UK politician tells party’s youth wing to ‘copy Hitler’
A senior UK Independence Party (UKIP) politician has defended reports he urged young party members to “copy Hitler”.
Pro-Russian rebels say they’re ready for ceasefire as Ukraine gains ground
Pro-Russian separatists said on Saturday they were ready for a ceasefire with the Kiev government after increasing gains by Ukrainian forces against rebel...
Historic Turkish elections may shift president’s role
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the front-runner in Turkey’s first direct presidential election on Sunday, says that if elected he will be an...
Moscow Zoo denizens finding food sanctions un-bear-able
Russia’s drastic ban on food imports from Europe has claimed it first victims - the rather choosy animals at Moscow zoo.
First female British warship commander removed over affair with shipmate
The first female commander of a frontline warship in the history of the British Royal Navy, who left her vessel last month amid claims she had an affair...
NATO chief warns Russia to ‘step back from the brink’ of war with Ukraine
NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen urged Russia to “step back from the brink” during a visit to Kiev on Thursday and vowed support for Ukraine...
Heir ambulance! Prince William to return to skies as 999 helicopter pilot
The Duke of Cambridge is preparing to take the controls of a helicopter once more—to train as an air ambulance pilot.
A-list celebs join campaign to say ‘no’ to Scottish independence
Dame Judi Dench and Sir Mick Jagger are among more than 200 celebrities who have urged the people of Scotland to ‘vote no’.
Italian professor in hot water for inviting Costa Concordia captain to lecture
A Rome university professor is facing a disciplinary hearing after inviting the captain of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner to lecture students...
Spain catches its own navy running cocaine from Colombia
Spanish police say they have seized 127 kilograms of cocaine from a Spanish navy training ship, which allegedly carried the drug from Colombia and dropped...

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