Middle East

Fire hits Dubai high-rise complex near world’s tallest tower
A large fire has broken out at a high-rise residential complex under construction near Dubai’s largest shopping mall, filling the sky with thick...
Syrian regime accused of ethnic cleansing
Western security forces have warned the humanitarian crisis in parts of Syria could “outweigh” the situation in Aleppo, as aid workers claim...
US raid on Yemen ‘kills 30 al-Qaeda suspects and 10 civilians’
A US raid in Yemen at dawn on Sunday killed 30 suspected Al-Qaeda militants, including three prominent figures, and 10 civilians, a provincial official...
High-rise building collapse in Tehran kills 30 firefighters
Thirty firefighters have been killed after a high-rise building collapsed in Tehran, Iran’s state-run Press TV has said.
Bahrain executes 3 over police bombing, triggering protests
Bahrain on Sunday carried out its first executions since an Arab Spring uprising rocked the country in 2011, putting to death three men found guilty of...
At least four dead as lorry rams into soldiers in Jerusalem
A lorry rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers as they got off a bus in Jerusalem, killing at least four people and injuring many more.
Former Iranian president Rafsanjani dies of heart attack
The former president of Iran, Hashemi Rafsanjani, has died aged 82, according to Iranian state media reports.
18 Islamic State militants killed in Syria, Turkish military says
Turkey’s military on Tuesday 3 January said that at least 18 Islamic State (Isis) militants have been killed and around 37 injured in battle and...
Syrian rebels freeze talks of peace negotiations due to ceasefire violations
About 10 Syrian rebel groups announced Monday they were suspending talks about planned peace negotiations this month in the Kazakh capital Astana, due...
Syria conflict: Military says nationwide ceasefire agreed
Syria’s military has said it has agreed to a nationwide ceasefire with rebels starting from midnight.
NATO chief says military intervention in Syria would make matters worse
The head of NATO has defended the alliance for not intervening in Syria and said doing so would make matters worse as the evacuation of hundreds of people...
Idlib likely to be Syria’s next bloody theater after Aleppo
The battle for Aleppo has gripped the world, but it is hardly the only active front across war-torn Syria.
First convoy carrying injured leaves rebel-held areas of Aleppo
The first convoy of people needing medical aid has begun to leave rebel-held areas in Aleppo, according to a monitoring group.
Turkey vows vengeance after stadium blasts kill 38
Turkey has vowed vengeance for the victims of twin blasts outside a football stadium in Istanbul that killed 38 people and injured more than 150.
Explosion near Cairo’s Coptic cathedral kills 25, wounds dozens
A bomb explosion near the Coptic Christian cathedral in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, has killed 25 people and wounded dozens.
Aleppo rebels call for five-day ceasefire to allow evacuation
Rebel fighters have called for a five-day ceasefire for medical and civilian evacuations from eastern Aleppo.
Refugees fleeing Aleppo ‘detained by Syrian government’
Hundreds of civilians fleeing war-torn Aleppo are being detained and questioned by the Syrian government, say observers.
Iran warns of retaliation if U.S. breaches nuclear deal
Extending U.S. sanctions on Iran for 10 years would breach the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Wednesday, warning...
British woman who reported rape in Dubai charged with having extra-marital sex
A British woman who told police in Dubai she had been raped has reportedly been charged with having extra-marital sex.
Bashar al-Assad: Donald Trump could be a ‘natural ally’
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said Donald Trump could be a “natural ally” if he fulfils his pledge to fight “terrorists”.
Iraqi army recaptures ancient city of Nimrud from Islamic State
The Iraqi army says it has recaptured the ancient city of Nimrud from Islamic State.
Aleppo truce extended amid fears of final Russian assault
A ceasefire in Aleppo has been extended by 10 hours, amid fears Russia is preparing a final assault on the rebel-held part of the city.
Rebels begin fightback in major offensive to break two-month Aleppo siege
Fierce fighting broke out around Aleppo on Friday as rebels announced a large-scale offensive to break the government’s nearly two-month siege of...
Islamic State kills scores of civilians as it takes 8,000 families for human shields
Islamic State killed more than 200 people and has taken thousands more as human shields in the battle for Mosul, the United Nations said on Friday.
Iraq MPs in suprise vote to ban sale, import and production of alcohol
Iraq’s parliament has voted to ban the sale, import and production of alcohol.
Air strikes and renewed fighting bring a violent end to ceasefire in Aleppo
Fierce fighting and air strikes has brought a violent end to a ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
Saudi Arabia executes prince for shooting a man dead during brawl
Saudi Arabia has executed a prince who shot and killed a man in a fight. The execution of Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir is a rare death sentence carried...
Iraqi forces on verge of major offensive against IS in Mosul
Iraqi forces say they are on the verge of launching a major offensive to retake Mosul from Islamic State.
Missiles fired at warship as U.S. risks being dragged into Yemen civil war
Cruise missiles have been fired at a US warship in the Red Sea as tensions rise over the civil war raging in Yemen.
Pope begs for an end to ‘cruel bombing’ as dozens die in latest Aleppo blitz
Pope Francis is calling for an urgent ceasefire in Syria to evacuate civilians from what he called an inhuman assault on the besieged city of Aleppo.

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