Angela Merkel rejects Theresa May’s advances on EU citizen ‘hostages’
The German Chancellor has rejected an approach by Theresa May’s team to try to settle early the thorny issue of the post-Brexit status of EU citizens...
Lebanon’s Hariri named PM and asked to form new government
Lebanon’s president asked Sunni leader Saad al-Hariri to form a new government on Thursday, after he won the support of a majority of MPs including...
Mariano Rajoy reappointed Spanish prime minister as 10-month deadlock broken
Mariano Rajoy is expected to be sworn in on Sunday after winning enough votes in parliament to form a minority government as Spain’s prime minister.
You’re fascinated with sex: Trump ally Gingrich in bizarre rant at news anchor
A leading Donald Trump ally has accused news anchor Megyn Kelly of being “fascinated with sex” for reporting on allegations the Republican...
Trump as president would pose global danger, says human rights chief
The world will be in danger if Donald Trump becomes president of the U.S., the United Nations top human rights official said on Wednesday.
Trump’s lewd remarks would disqualify him from a job at a 7-Eleven, says Obama
Barack Obama has waded into Donald Trump, saying his coarse remarks about women would disqualify him from a job at a 7-Eleven convenience store.
Free of the ‘shackles’: Trump unloads on his Republican rivals, Hillary’s health
Don’t expect the 2016 presidential campaign to turn all soft and fuzzy: Republican nominee Donald Trump warned in a tweet on Tuesday that “the...
Newspaper breaks with a century of tradition to oppose ‘erratic liar Trump’
America’s only national daily paper has become the latest publicaton to break with tradition by telling readers that Donald Trump is unfit to be...
Plummeting property values puts Trump in a slump as $800m wiped off net worth
Oh, dear! Donald Trump is down to his last $3.7bn, according to a new assessment of his wealth.
Putin looks set for seal of approval as voters head to the polls in Russia
Vladimir Putin was expected to tighten his grip on power in Russia as the country went to the polls in national and regional elections on Sunday.
Merkel faces second poll drubbing as backlash grows over migrant policy
German chancellor Angela Merkel was braced for a second electoral blow in two weeks in a Berlin city vote on Sunday.
US election: Clinton campaign accuses Trump of inciting violence
Donald Trump has suggested Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards should be disarmed, adding: “Let’s see what happens to her.” The Republican...
Downing Street says Tusk’s claim Article 50 triggered in January is an ‘interpretation’
Downing Street has insisted that the EU Council president’s claim that Article 50 will be triggered early next year is only his “interpretation”.
Merkel: European Union is in a critical situation and we need to revive it
Angela Merkel has said the EU is “in a critical situation” following the UK’s Brexit vote.The German chancellor voiced her fears as she...
Model and TV journalist elected to breathe fresh life into Japan’s opposition
A former model and TV anchorwoman was chosen as the new leader of Japan’s main opposition party on Thursday, as it looks to reboot its fortunes after...
We need more union in the European Union: Juncker’s rallying call after Brexit
European Union leader Jean-Claude Juncker rallied support for the beleaguered bloc on Wednesday, calling for unity in the face of troubled times.
We have forgotten them: Family’s plea for refugees, a year on from Alan’s death
Images of his tiny body washed up on the beach sparked a global outcry over the plight of millions of refugees.
WikiLeaks founder Assange claims victory but he still faces fight for freedom
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today claimed victory in his fight to avoid deportation to Sweden on sex assault charges.
Prosecutors wave aside UN claims WikiLeaks’ Assange is being held unlawfully
Britain and Sweden have rejected the findings of a United Nations panel which said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was being held unlawfully.
Germany seeks to limit migration from ‘safe’ North African countries
Germany wants to limit migration from North Africa by declaring Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia 'safe countries’, officials from the ruling coalition...
Iran rails against latest sanctions as nuclear deal lets it back in from the cold
Iran has condemned new sanctions imposed by the US over its ballistic missile programme.
Four including US journalist freed in ‘prisoner swap’ with Iran
Four prisoners with dual Iranian-US nationality have been released by Tehran, with a Washington Post reporter believed to be among them.
Taiwan set for first female president as it edges out of China’s shadow
Taiwan is expected to elect its first female president as it went to the polls on Saturday in a historic vote likely to end eight years of closer China...
Gloves come off as Trump and Cruz trade blows in tetchy TV debate
Donald Trump traded insults with his leading rival as the race to the White House turned personal last night.
Angry politician dispatches bus full of refugees to Angela Merkel’s office
An irate politician has dispatched a bus filled with dozens of refugees on a seven-hour journey to German chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin...
200 arrested as anti-refugee right-wingers rampage through German city
More than 200 masked right-wing supporters, carrying placards with racist overtones, went on a rampage in the eastern city of Leipzig on Monday night,...
Austria to take tougher action to turn away ‘economic migrants’
Austria will take tougher action at its borders to turn away “economic migrants” in order to reduce overall immigration, Chancellor Werner...
Dutch push intelligence sharing after missed signals in Paris
The Netherlands called on Monday for greater sharing of intelligence data, including lists of suspected foreign fighters and their banking details, at...
Spanish princess and her husband face explosive tax evasion trial
Princess Cristina of Spain and her husband went on trial on Monday under global media scrutiny in a landmark corruption case that has outraged the country...
Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, US seek roadmap to peace
A key gathering opened on Monday in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad in which four major countries — Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United...

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