Record breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson takes command of ISS for second time
NASA’s Peggy Whitson has assumed command of the International Space Station for a record second time.
Babies in Britain, Canada and Italy cry more than elsewhere – study
Babies cry more in Britain, Canada, Italy and Netherlands than in other countries, while newborns in Denmark, Germany and Japan cry and fuss the least,...
Scientists discover ‘Zealandia’ - a hidden continent off the coast of Australia
There is an entire, submerged and unrecognised content that has been hiding until now, according to scientists.
Moody and neurotic? It could be linked to the shape of your brain
Personality traits such as moodiness or open-mindedness are linked to the shape of one’s brain, a study said.
SpaceX has lift-off with first rocket launch since explosion
SpaceX’s rocket program has returned to flight with the first successful launch since a take-off accident in September that cost $200m.
Moon was created when ‘about 20 moonlets collided’, claim scientists
The moon may have been created by several moonlets forming together rather than an impact hitting the Earth, scientists believe.
Radio signals traced to galaxy billions of light years away
Astronomers have located the source of a fast radio burst (FRB) — a rare and distant release of cosmic radio waves that lasts mere milliseconds —...
World’s last wild frankincense forests are under threat
In a tradition dating to Biblical times, men rise at dawn in the rugged Cal Madow mountains of Somaliland in the Horn of Africa to scale rocky outcrops...
Earth heading for 25-hour day as orbit slows
Days on Earth are getting longer, a team of experts has concluded, as they predict in the future there will be 25 hours in a day.
Virgin Galactic spaceship makes first glide flight
Virgin Galactic’s second SpaceShipTwo performed its first free flight, a glide test that begins the next phase in testing of the commercial suborbital...
Egypt unearths city and cemetery over 7,000 years old
Egypt has unearthed a more than 7,000-year-old city and cemetery dating back to its First Dynasty in the southern province of Sohag, the Antiquities Ministry...
Pluto may have huge ocean under icy surface, NASA evidence shows
Pluto may have a huge hidden ocean under its frozen surface, scientists have found.New evidence, reported in two research papers published in Nature journal,...
Astronauts return to Earth after 115-days on International Space Station
Three astronauts from the U.S., Japan and Russia have returned to Earth after a 115-day mission on board the International Space Station.
All systems go: Astronauts blast off for the International Space Station
A Soyuz rocket carrying two Russians and an American has blasted off for the International Space Station.
China winds up space race with manned mission to orbiting lab
China will launch a manned space mission on Monday as the country works towards setting up its own space station.
Obama pushes goal to send humans to Mars by 2030s
Seeking to reinvigorate his call to send humans to Mars by the 2030s, President Obama says the U.S.
Trio behind the world’s tiniest machines wins Nobel Prize for chemistry
A trio of European scientists has won the 2016 Nobel Prize for chemistry for developing tiny machines that could one day be injected to fight cancer.
World’s largest radio telescope begins hunt for extraterrestrial life
The world’s largest radio telescope began searching for signals from stars and galaxies in a hunt for extraterrestrial life on Sunday.
Space catwalk: Astronaut shows off colourful suit painted by cancer children
Childhood cancer patients are lined up for a chat with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station wearing a hand-painted spacesuit they helped...
How to look and stay cool: Wear clothes made from kitchen wrap
A low-cost textile made using a plastic similar to kitchen wrap that cools the body when woven into clothing has been unveiled by researchers.
Ground control bids farewell to space probe which fell asleep on a comet
Scientists have given up hope of restoring contact with space probe Philae. They have stopped sending messages to the washing machine-sized craft, which...
Forget life on Mars, here’s a flower on the space station
Zinnias have opened their pretty petals for the first time on the International Space Station, and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly couldn’t be prouder.
Global warming study shows man-made heat increases in oceans
The amount of man-made heat energy absorbed by the seas has doubled since 1997, a new study shows. Scientists have long known that more than 90 per...
A giant step for mankind: China aims to land on dark side of the moon
China aims to land the first probe on the dark side of the moon in 2018, marking another milestone in its ambitious space program.
How monitor lizards are being trained to avoid toxic toads
Australian scientists have devised an “innovative method of conservation” through feeding giant monitor lizards small cane toads so they won’t...
Tokyo sends huge plutonium cache – enough to make 50 nuclear bombs – to US
Japan will send a huge cache of plutonium – enough to produce 50 nuclear bombs – to the United States as part of a deal to return the material...
Sheldon and Leonard rejoice – four new elements added to periodic table
In news that will send Dr Sheldon Cooper and friends into a frenzy, four new elements have been added to the periodic table.
Strongest El Nino threatens worldwide hunger and disease, warn experts
This year’s El Niño weather phenomenon is the strongest on record and is going to increase the risk of drought and hunger across the world,...
How drones are on the frontline of tackling volcano eruption threat
Scientists in Iceland are turning to new technologies to help them predict the next major volcanic eruption there.
Warmest November in decades means 2015 likely to be hottest year ever
The globe shattered yet another heat record in November, continuing a warming trend that is all but certain to make 2015 the hottest year in modern history,...

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