AirAsia disaster: Victim with life jacket raises questions about last minutes
As rescue crews struggled with high winds and rough seas in their efforts to locate the passengers and crew aboard AirAsia Flight QZ8501, officials began...
AirAsia QZ8501: Officials confirm debris found is from missing plane
AirAsia has confirmed that the debris found in the sea is from its missing Airbus A320 aircraft.
AirAsia wreckage found, rescuers start retrieving bodies from water
Family members of those aboard AirAsia Flight 8501 collapsed in agony Tuesday as images of debris and a bloated body flashed across Indonesian television...
AirAsia: Missing flight is second example, but different case
While it is still not known what happened to AirAsia Flight 8501, there appear to be no reasons its presumed crash is anything other than a regular - if...
Analysis: The Middle East is gone as we know it
The Middle East has drastically changed in the past few years and 2014 alone has etched these changes even deeper into the fabric of the region.
U.S. air strike targets al-Shabab leader
The United States has launched an air strike targeting a senior leader of Somalia’s al-Shabab group, the Pentagon has said.
Terror attack fears force iconic London palace guards behind metal fences
The soldiers who stand guard outside Britain’s royal palaces have been moved behind metal fences because of fears of a terror attack.
Greece slips back into crisis as snap election is forced
Greece was plunged back into crisis on Monday with the triggering of snap parliamentary elections.
Four bodies recovered from burning Greek ferry as 140 still await rescue
Four bodies have been recovered from a burning ferry off the coast of Corfu, Greek authorities have said.
Mexico calls for larger, more diverse United Nations Security Council
Mexico wants an overhaul of the United Nations Security Council, envisaging more member countries across a wider geographical swathe, as the government...
Access, denied: AirAsia flight was refused permission to increase altitude
Pilots of the AirAsia plane thought to have crashed in the Java Sea were refused permission to climb higher to avoid a storm, according to Indonesia’s...
Ashore: First group of ferry survivors makes it to land
Four more bodies have been recovered from a burning ferry off the coast of Corfu, Greek authorities have said, bringing the death toll to five.
Croatians elect new president under cloud of economic crisis
Croatians go to the polls Sunday to elect a president under the cloud of a deep economic crisis, with incumbent Ivo Josipovic seen as the frontrunner.
Missing: 162 feared dead as AirAsia 8501 disappeared in rough weather
With darkness falling, Indonesian authorities suspended the aerial search for the Airbus A320, but ships will continue to scour the area.
Heavy snowfall kills one and leaves 15,000 stranded in French Alps
Heavy snowfall in the French Alps left some 15,000 drivers stranded, prompting officials to open emergency shelters and urge travellers to stay home.
After unstable 2014, next year may be no calmer
From financial crisis in Russia to cyber warfare with North Korea, 2014 has generated new flashpoints right into its final days, setting 2015 up to be...
Syria ‘ready to participate’ in Moscow peace talks
Syrian state-run TV said Saturday that the government is prepared to take part in peace talks hosted by Russia next month, but the unnamed foreign ministry...
Chilling adventure: Quebec man becomes first to reach South Pole by kite ski
Frederic Dion can brag about one thing no one else can: Being the first person to reach the geographic South Pole by kite ski.
Woman who bared breasts in Vatican square is freed
The Holy See has released a Ukrainian activist who bared her breasts in St. Peter’s Square on Christmas Day and snatched the statue of Baby Jesus...
Malaysian floods: More than 160,000 forced to flee their homes
More than 160,000 people have been forced to flee Malaysia’s worst flooding in decades, local media has reported.
N. Korea blames U.S. for Internet shutdown amid Sony hacking row
North Korea has hurled racial slurs against U.S. President Barack Obama while blaming the U.S.
Rescuers struggle to reach Malaysia flood victims as anger mounts
Rescue teams struggled Saturday to reach inundated areas of northeast Malaysia as victims accused the government of being slow to provide assistance after...
Protest marks disappearance of Mexican students
A protest marking three months since 43 college students were abducted in southern Mexico has resulted in damages to a perimeter wall at an army base in...
Maduro congratulates Castro brothers on new ties with U.S.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, a frequent critic of the United States, congratulated the Castro brothers Friday on Cuba’s rapprochement with...
Trial for suspects of murdered British backpackers postponed
The trial of two men charged with the murder of two British tourists in Thailand began and was postponed today.
Haiti leader names Evans Paul as new prime minister
Haitian President Michel Martelly on Thursday named veteran politician Evans Paul prime minister to lead a new government, as he seeks to defuse a crisis...
For Syria’s Assad, war enters new year more fragmented than ever
Deep into its fourth year of conflict, Syria looks less and less like a state than a patchwork of warring fiefdoms, making outside powers more reluctant...
'Christmas of tears': Pope decries year of violence against minorities
Pope Francis condemned the “brutal persecution” of minorities by Islamic State insurgents in his Christmas message on Thursday and urged people...
Queen Eilzabeth’s annual address carries message of reconciliation
Healing differences in Scotland after a divisive referendum that came close to splitting the United Kingdom this year will take time, Queen Elizabeth II...
New hope for Syrian child refugees as tent schools pop up
In a squalid camp in eastern Lebanon, a school in a tent with a chalkboard and brightly coloured desks offers children who fled Syria’s war a chance...

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