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Dismay as only suspect facing Omagh bomb murder charges ‘to walk free’
Murder charges against the only remaining Omagh bombing suspect have been dropped by prosecutors.
Argentina strikes $4.6bn debt deal with ‘vultures’ to end 15-year dispute
Argentina has struck a $4.6bn (£3.3bn) deal with creditors to end a bitter 15-year battle over its debt and pave the way for its status as a financial...
UN Security Council to vote on new severe North Korea rocket test sanctions
The UN Security Council plans to vote on a resolution on Tuesday that would dramatically expand existing sanctions on North Korea in response to its nuclear...
Judge rules for Apple in latest round in battle with FBI over encrypted iPhone
A federal judge has ruled that the U.S. Justice Department cannot use a 227-year-old law to force Apple to provide the FBI with access to locked iPhone...
Gasps as cardinal says abuse claims ‘of little interest’ – and Pope backs him
Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell insisted he has the “full backing” of Pope Francis as he told an inquiry on Tuesday that abuse claims...
Islamic State ‘executes 8 Dutch deserters’ as in-fighting escalates
Eight Dutch members of Islamic State have reportedly been executed in Syria by the jihadist group after being accused of trying to desert.
Gasps as Vatican cardinal says abuse claims ‘of little interest’ – and pope backs him
Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell insisted he has the “full backing” of Pope Francis as he told an inquiry on Tuesday that abuse claims...
Iran’s Rouhani secures more moderate parliament
Elections in Iran have led to a reshaping of political forces in the Islamic republic and benefited President Hassan Rouhani following a nuclear deal with...
Migrants come under tear gas fire as they try to breach Macedonia border
Macedonian police have fired tear gas after migrants and refugees broke through a gate on the country’s border with Greece. Thousands of people...
U.S. Presidential candidates hit the campaign trail ahead of ‘Super Tuesday’
The remaining seven Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have hit the campaign trail across the U.S.
Horror at the school gates: Ten Chinese children wounded by knifeman
A man has stabbed 10 children outside the gates of a school in China, severely injuring two, before killing himself.
Lure of Oreos leaves curious Leo trapped by vending machine for 6 hours
A little boy endured a traumatic afternoon after getting his arm stuck in a vending machine for more than six hours. There were cheers and applause...
Cruise ship damaged in storm turns around again amid norovirus alert
A cruise ship battered by a major Atlantic storm earlier this month was headed back to its home port as another squall threatened its current voyage.
Horror at the school gates: ten children wounded by knifeman
A man has stabbed 10 children outside the gates of a school in China, severely injuring two, before killing himself.
UN poised to deliver aid to besieged Syrian cities as fragile peace ‘largely intact’
The United Nations prepared to deliver aid to thousands of besieged civilians in Syria on Monday as a fragile ceasefire entered its third day largely intact...
North Korea parades tearful American student ‘thief’ before the cameras
North Korea paraded a detained American student before the media on Monday in Pyongyang, where he tearfully apologised for attempting to steal a political...
Military on alert as tensions rise after Pakistan hangs ex-governor’s killer
Pakistan on Monday hanged the convicted killer of a former governor, shot in 2011 by his bodyguard who accused him of blasphemy, officials said.
Cardinal admits ‘scandalous’ response to abuse allegations
One of Pope Francis’ top advisers acknowledged he had heard that an Australian Catholic school teacher who serially abused students might be involved...
Blame-trading tests Syria’s fragile truce
Key players in Syria’s war traded accusations Sunday over violations of the first major ceasefire in the five-year conflict, but the truce remained...
Moderates make big gains in early results as Iran backs closer ties with the West
President Hassan Rouhani won a resounding vote of confidence and reformist allies won 29 out of Tehran’s 30 parliamentary seats in elections that...
Pirates defeated as navy traning exercise turns into real-life rescue mission
A training exercise turned into a real-life rescue mission when pirates took over an oil tanker off the coast of West Africa.
Guatemala jails civil war officer and paramilitary in landmark slavery case
A retired army officer and a former paramilitary were jailed for 120 and 240 years respectively for the sexual enslavement of women during Guatemala’s...
Critics rail against lavish celebrations for Mugabe’s 92nd birthday
Lavish celebrations are getting under way in Zimbabwe on Saturday to mark the 92nd birthday of president Robert Mugabe, the world’s oldest leader.
Reformists gain ground in vote as Iran backs closer ties with the West
Reformist candidates are heading for their best showing in more than a decade early results from the Iranian elections show.
Enda the road for Kenny: Irish turn backs on coalition after years of austerity
Counting in Ireland’s election was getting under way on Saturday morning with exit polls suggesting prime minister Enda Kenny’s Fine Gael party...
12 dead as twin blasts and gunfire rock Mogadishu hotel
At least 12 people were killed and 25 injured Friday as twin blasts and gunfire rocked a hotel and neighbouring park in central Mogadishu, police said,...
Tony Burton, no-nonsense trainer in 6 ‘Rocky’ films, dies
Tony Burton, the veteran character actor best known for his brief but memorable appearances as the no-nonsense trainer and corner man in the first six...
Mercedes halts the rise of the robots as it brings back the human touch
The seemingly unstoppable march of robots replacing humans may have hit a snag: high-end customisable cars.
Curbs agreed on world football leader’s powers … but who will get the job?
A package of reforms aimed at curbing the power of the head of world football have been agreed.
Film world mourns boxer-turned-actor Tony Burton, the man in Rocky’s corner
Actor Tony Burton, who starred in six Rocky films alongside Sylvester Stallone, has died aged 78.

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