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China releases and deports Swedish rights activist after TV ‘confession’
Beijing has released and deported a Swedish man it accused of training and funding unlicensed lawyers in the country, leading to an extraordinary taped...
15yo held over knife murder of woman refugee centre worker
A 15-year-old asylum seeker has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a female employee at a refugee centre in Sweden.
18 on the spin: Serena Williams thumps Sharapova - again - to march into semis
You will have to excuse Maria Sharapova if she doesn’t want to see Serena Williams any time soon, but that has been said for some time.
Markets braced for key Apple results as analysts fear peak has been reached
Apple could soon face one of its biggest challenges to date: Peak iPhone. Most analysts believe Apple surpassed its own record by selling more than...
Malaysian PM’s mystery $700m traced to Saudi royal family
Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak’s has been cleared of any wrongdoing after $700m was found in his private bank accounts.
Global Fund rushes HIV drugs to Uganda amid critical shortage
The Global Fund, a partnership that sends HIV drugs to poor countries, says it plans to send a 12-month advance supply of antiretroviral therapy to Uganda,...
Dog accidentally enters half-marathon… after being let out to pee
A dog that accidentally entered a half marathon after being let out to pee by its owner ended up finishing seventh in the race.
Zika virus outbreak ‘likely to spread through the Americas’ says WHO
The mosquito-borne Zika virus, which is suspected of causing brain damage to babies in Brazil, is likely to spread to all countries in the Americas except...
Shaq attack! Ex-NBA star O'Neal stuns youngsters with street pickup game
A former NBA superstar gave a group of children in Florida a pick-up game to remember after being inspired by a police officer’s viral video.
Meet Big Boy, the giant-sized funnel-web spider caught for milking…
A reptile park in Australia is celebrating after receiving its biggest ever male funnel-web spider.
‘They’ve picked on the wrong people’: Afghan president vows to 'bury’ ISIS
President Ashraf Ghani has vowed to “bury” the Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan.
Endangered Indonesian songbirds on the brink as forests plundered
Barely a few days old, perched on a nest of twigs inside an incubator, a newborn Indonesian songbird – cherished for its melodious chirp –...
‘I thought that was it’: 7 hurt as violent turbulence grounds flight
Seven people were taken to hospital after a plane from Miami to Milan ran into heavy turbulence.
Major quake rocks the Med sending people in pyjamas scurrying into the streets
A strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake has struck the Mediterranean between Morocco and Spain.
Master vs Apprentice: Manning’s Broncos face Newton’s Panthers in Super Bowl 50
The Carolina Panthers, led by star quarterback Cam Newton and a defense that forced seven turnovers, mauled the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 in Charlotte on...
Russia closes Arctic border post in spat over return of migrants from Norway
Russia has closed an Arctic border post to stop migrants being controversially returned from Norway, officials said on Sunday.
Eight to face trial over botched beard repair on King Tutankhamun mask
Eight museum staff who bungled attempts to reattach the beard to the gold burial mask of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun are to be put on trial.
Host Chris Rock ‘writing new jokes’ as he readies to take aim at race row Oscars
Host Chris Rock is refusing to turn his back on the Oscars in the wake of the racism row.
Iran to order 114 Airbus planes for new era of air travel as sanctions lifted
Iran is to buy 114 Airbus planes to revitalise its ageing fleet, in the first major commercial deal announced since the lifting of sanctions under its...
Prison break: Inmates cuts bars and rappelled from roof to escape jail
It could be a scene straight out of an old school crime caper. Three convicts with a daring escape plan that involved sawing through the cell bars, scuttling...
Kerry moves to placate Saudis in wake of Iran nuclear deal
Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the U.S. friendship with Saudi Arabia is stronger than ever and that the two will work together to try to...
Haiti protesters stoke political crisis while powers seek consensus
Stone-throwing protesters stoked Haiti’s political crisis on Saturday, a day after they forced the Caribbean nation to call off a presidential election...
Matt Damon brings call for clean water for all to Sundance
The water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, is something millions of people across the globe experience every day. Actor Matt Damon and Gary...
Thailand reports 2nd MERS case as virus detected in Omani man
Thailand has confirmed its second case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus on Sunday, the country’s health minister said.
First body of Finland’s official wolf cull as anger grows among activists
Finland has begun a controversial wolf cull that gives hunters the right to kill around one fifth of the endangered animals, in a decision that has angered...
Five killed in Canada school shooting
Shots rang out at a high school in Canada’s western plains province of Saskatchewan on Friday, police said, leaving five people dead and two more...
Two reported dead in Canada school shooting
Shots rang out at a high school in Canada’s western plains province of Saskatchewan on Friday, police said, reportedly leaving two people dead and...
Peak iPhone? Fewer orders for Apple suppliers could signal first sales decline
The world is falling out of love with the iPhone, it seems. Some of Apple’s main Asian suppliers say the tech giant is seeing a slump in sales.
At least 45 refugees drown as smuggling boats sink off Greece
At least 45 people, including 20 children, drowned after three refugee boats sank Friday off Greece, marking one of the deadliest days for those risking...
Third roll of the dice: Mariah Carey to marry billionaire casino tycoon
Diva Mariah Carey is to marry her Australian billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

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