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MGM takes a gamble as it introduces charges for parking on Las Vegas Strip
It’s a city built on luring tourists with cheap thrills and free cocktails but a big chunk of the Las Vegas Strip will soon lose its most basic freebie:...
Taiwan set for first female president as it edges out of China’s shadow
Taiwan is expected to elect its first female president as it went to the polls on Saturday in a historic vote likely to end eight years of closer China...
Dozens feared dead as commandos battle gunman in Burkina Faso hotel
More than 60 hostages have been freed after security forces launched an assault on a hotel in Burkina Faso which was attacked by suspected Islamist militants.
Sean Penn: My ‘El Chapo’ mission failed to get us talking about war on drugs
Sean Penn has revealed “a terrible regret” about his interview with Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.
One brain dead and four critically ill after ‘serious accident’ in painkiller trial
Five volunteers are seriously ill in hospital after a medical trial of a new painkiller went wrong.
12 feared dead as military helicopters collide and crash into sea off Hawaii
Twelve people are feared dead after two military helicopters collided over Hawaii.
After the bombs … Russia switches focus in Syria to humanitarian mission
Russia says it is switching its efforts in Syria from bombing raids to humanitarian missions.
One brain-dead and five hospitalised after ‘serious accident’ in clinical trial
Six volunteers are seriously ill in hospital after a medical trial at a private clinic in France.
Drivers can breathe again… odd-even car trial ends in smog-clogged New Delhi
New Delhi on Friday wrapped up a trial of draconian driving restrictions which have taken about a million cars off the roads and seen even judges and diplomats...
Attackers behind Jakarta bomb and gun rampage ‘are known IS militants’
Two of the five attackers who launched a deadly gun and bomb assault on the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, were known extremists, police said on Friday.
Dozens feared dead as militants storm African Union army base in Somalia
Al-Shabab militants claim they have overrun an African Union military base in southern Somalia.
Gloves come off as Trump and Cruz trade blows in tetchy TV debate
Donald Trump traded insults with his leading rival as the race to the White House turned personal last night.
Her heart is broken: Titanic singer Celine Dion mourns death of husband
Titanic singer Celine Dion’s husband and manager, Rene Angelil, who moulded her from a French-speaking prodigy into one of the world’s...
A giant step for mankind: China aims to land on dark side of the moon
China aims to land the first probe on the dark side of the moon in 2018, marking another milestone in its ambitious space program.
Blocking the unblockers: Netflix launches clampdown on viewers using proxies
Netflix has declared war on subscribers who use an internet dodge to watch content not available in their home countries.
Angry politician dispatches bus full of refugees to Angela Merkel’s office
An irate politician has dispatched a bus filled with dozens of refugees on a seven-hour journey to German chancellor Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin...
Film world mourns as Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman dies of cancer
Harry Potter star Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69, his family has said. The actor, who won a BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award...
Ebola crisis in West Africa over, declares WHO
The two-year Ebola epidemic that killed at least 11,000 people has come to an end in West Africa, the World Health Organization has said.
‘Fix your s***, man’: Snoop Dogg calls out Bill Gates over Xbox outage
An Xbox Live outage has left thousands of gamers frustrated - but one angry user decided to take his complaint straight to the top. Rapper Snoop Dogg...
Crocodile bites off woman’s arm in ‘death roll’ as she walked her dogs
A woman walking her dogs in Australia had her arm bitten off by a crocodile in a “death roll”. The victim, aged in her 60s, had been at...
At least 2 dead, 5 missing as avalanche sweeps away children in French Alps
Two teenage children have died and several others have been badly injured after a group of school pupils skiing in the French Alps was hit by an avalanche. Four...
12-year-old girl shot dead by police officer during housing eviction
A 12-year-old girl has been shot dead by a police officer who had been aiming his gun at her father as he tried to evict the family from their home.
Google’s driverless cars needed a human hand 13 times to prevent crashes
Google’s self-driving cars had 13 near-misses in which the vehicle would have crashed without intervention from their human test drivers. So...
Belgian police pinpoint three safe houses used by Paris attack plotters
Belgian police have found two apartments and a house used by suspects before they carried out the terror attacks in Paris, prosecutors said on Wednesday. The...
Police finally catch up with fugitive who taunted them with a better mugshot
A fugitive who sent police a selfie because he disliked the mugshot they were using has been arrested.
South Korea fires warning shots after drone crosses border from North
South Korea fired 20 machine gun warning shots after a drone briefly crossed the border from the North.
We will throw out more migrants in wake of sex attacks, warns minister
More foreign criminals would be expelled once new restrictions are rolled out in the wake of sexual attacks on women blamed on migrants in Cologne, German...
Nine German tourists die as suicide bomber strikes in Turkish city
Nine German tourists have been killed after a suicide bomber struck in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet tourist district.
To catch a thief… take one bunch of bananas and let nature do the rest
A thief was force-fed more than 40 bananas by police in India to recover a stolen necklace he had swallowed.
200 arrested as anti-refugee right-wingers rampage through German city
More than 200 masked right-wing supporters, carrying placards with racist overtones, went on a rampage in the eastern city of Leipzig on Monday night,...

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