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Chancellor Merkel backs tougher laws on migrants after sex attacks
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed a crackdown on convicted refugees after a wave of sex assaults and muggings on New Year’s Eve were blamed...
‘Bird in a Biplane’: British solo pilot’s 13,000-mile trip in vintage aircraft
A British adventurer has touched down in Sydney after a 13,000-mile solo flight in a vintage open-cockpit biplane. Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who calls...
Four people missing as bushfires continue in Western Australia
Four people are missing in Western Australia, as wildfires continue to threaten lives and property. Police confirmed they have found human remains...
Man claiming to be Jesus arrested over ‘plot to kidnap Obama’s dog’
A man has been arrested on suspicion of travelling to the US capital to kidnap one of the President’s dogs. Scott Stockert of Dickinson, North...
Gunman wanted over bar attack killed in shoot-out with police at mosque
A gunman who killed three people during an attack on a bar in Tel Aviv has been shot dead by police.
Fighter publicly shoots dead his mother for asking him to leave Islamic State
An Islamic State fighter has publicly killed his mother after she tried to persuade him to cut his ties with the terror group.
Suicide belts and traces of explosives found in Paris attacker’s Brussels hideout
Explosives, suicide belts and the fingerprint of Paris attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam were found in a Brussels apartment, prosecutors say.
Great white shark dies after just three days of being kept in Japanese aquarium
A great white shark has died after just three days in captivity in a Japanese aquarium.
Boy’s late-night bicycle dash in his pyjamas saves father after heart attack
A boy of five saved his father’s life when he had a heart attack, by rushing out of his house in his pyjamas and trying to get help on his bike.
South resorts to boombox diplomacy in retaliation for North Korea’s H-bomb test
South Korea unleashed a high-decibel propaganda barrage across its border with North Korea on Friday in retaliation for its nuclear test.
Animal rights outrage as India lifts its ban on ‘cruel’ bull-taming festival
India has lifted a ban on a popular but controversial bull running festival, angering animal rights activists who say it is cruel and abusive. A government...
‘Three missing’ as 50m bushfire razes nearly 100 homes in Australian town
A major bushfire in Western Australia has destroyed nearly 100 homes and left three people unaccounted for.
Marshals raid company’s booth at exhibition in hoverboard patent dispute
Federal marshals have confiscated a hoverboard after raiding a company’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Trade schism widens as Iran accuses Saudi warplanes of bombing its embassy
Iran and Saudi Arabia took further steps to sever commercial ties on Thursday, intensifying a feud between the regional rivals.
South Korea strikes back over H-bomb test with loudspeaker broadcasts
South Korea is retaliating against the North’s nuclear bomb test by bombarding it with propaganda messages across the border.
Dozens killed as suicide bomber in water truck attacks police training base
A suicide bomber has killed dozens of police officers after driving a water truck laden with explosives into their training school in Libya.
Police in Paris shoot dead knife-wielding man wearing ‘fake explosives vest’
A knifeman thought to have been wearing a suicide vest has been shot dead outside a police station in northern Paris.
Man wearing ‘fake explosives vest’ shot dead by Paris cops as city remembers Charlie Hebdo
A man has been shot dead outside a police station in northern Paris because cops feared he was wearing a suicide vest.
Gunmen open fire on tourist bus near the Giza pyramids
Two masked gunmen riding a motorcycle opened fire on a tourist bus near the Giza pyramids.
Donald Trump threatens to pull £700m Scots investment
Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw £700m ($1bn) of planned investment in Scotland if he is banned from entering the UK.
Bill Cosby won’t be charged over two alleged sexual assault cases
A top prosecutor in southern California has declined to file criminal charges against Bill Cosby over two alleged sexual assault cases from 1965 and 2008. The...
Germany identifies three suspects in New Year attacks on women
German police have identified three suspects in connection with attacks on women at New Year celebrations in the city of Cologne but have not yet made...
An ace idea: Motorhead fans want heavy metal element named after Lemmy
Motorhead fans are calling for a newly discovered heavy metal to be named after the band’s frontman Lemmy.
The toy-maker awakens: Rey to be added to Star Wars Monopoly after fan outcry
Toy maker Hasbro has caved in to fan pressure after leaving out the lead character in the new Star Wars film from its special edition Monopoly game.
Vinyl revival: Sony rolls back the years with turntable that digitises your old LPs
It’s time to climb back into the attic and rescue that long-forgotten box of vinyl classics.
Filipinos raped by Japanese WWII troops demand compensation
A group of elderly Filipino women raped by Japanese troops during World War II called for compensation from Japan on Wednesday, following Tokyo’s...
You just don’t turn it off! Sylvester Stallone is retiring Rambo
It’s official. John Rambo has hung up his bandolier. Sylvester Stallone has admitted that he’s now a bit too old to revive his muscle-bound,...
How monitor lizards are being trained to avoid toxic toads
Australian scientists have devised an “innovative method of conservation” through feeding giant monitor lizards small cane toads so they won’t...
A picture tells a thousand characters: Twitter boss hints at longer tweets
Twitter users who struggle to stay inside the limits of their 140-character tweets could see that extended by thousands after the site’s co-founder...
Protests after gangs of men sexually assault scores of women in German city
Protesters have taken to the streets in Germany after about 90 women were sexually assaulted, robbed or threatened during New Year celebrations.

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