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Hummus? It’s more than just a dip, it’s a way of life, shows new movie
As the popularity of hummus continues to grow around the world, a new documentary is seeking to explain how the pureed mix of chickpeas, garlic, lemon...
91 missing after huge landslide of waste buries buildings in China
Rescuers are searching for at least 91 missing people a day after a mountain of excavated soil and construction waste buried dozens of buildings when it...
Spain’s ruling conservatives win election, but hurt by upstart parties’ strength
Spain’s ruling conservative Popular Party won the most votes in a general election Sunday but the center-right party fell short of an absolute majority...
Youngest Delhi gang rapist is freed after three years despite protests
The youngest convict in the 2012 Delhi gang rape case has been released after three years in jail.
He’s a monster: Karlo the giant salamander hailed as largest amphibian on Earth
Meet Karlo, the largest amphibian in the world. The monster Chinese giant salamander is the biggest of its kind, having being measured at 1.58m...
Militant behind one of Israel’s most shocking murders killed in airstrike
A militant notorious for the murder of three Israelis, including a four-year-old girl, has been killed in an Israeli air raid.
Dozen groups ready to step into terror space should ISIS be defeated, warns report
The defeat of so-called Islamic State will not end worldwide jihadist terrorism because as many as 15 hard-line Islamist militias are capable of succeeding...
Nepal climbers face ruin after quake, blockade hits Everest industry
Phurba Tashi Sherpa, the most accomplished high-altitude climber in history, holds a bucket and crowbar as he claws through the rubble of his home seven...
Spanish voters go to the polls in closest election in years
Spaniards go to the polls Sunday in what is expected to be one of the most closely-fought contests in modern history, as two dynamic new parties take on...
Deadly avalanche swamps isolated Norwegian village under tonnes of snow
One person was killed and nine others injured after an avalanche smashed into homes in Norway. The deluge of snow tore houses from their foundations,...
Suspected bomb in toilet forces Air France jet to make emergency landing
An Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris was forced to land after a suspected bomb was found in the toilet, police say.
Sacked Jose Mourinho ‘will not be taking a sabbatical’, Blues appoint Hiddink
Sacked Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is “looking forward” and will not be taking a sabbatical, according to a spokesman.
Hitler did have only one testicle after all, claims German historian
The Second World War song that mocks Adolf Hitler for only having “one ball” may have some truth to it after all.
Big clubs on alert: Sacked Jose Mourinho ‘will not be taking a sabbatical’
Sacked Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is “looking forward” and will not be taking a sabbatical, according to a spokesman.
US-led airstrike ‘kills nine Iraqi soldiers’ in friendly fire incident
An airstrike by the US-led coalition aimed at Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq has killed nine Iraqi soldiers, according to Iraq’s Defence Minister. The...
Obama praises San Bernardino attack families’ ‘unity and love’
Barack Obama has had a private meeting with families of the 14 people killed in the shooting attack in San Bernardino, hailing them as representative of...
US-led airstrike may have killed Iraqi soldiers in ‘friendly fire’ incident
An airstrike by the US-led coalition aimed at Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq may have inadvertently killed up to 10 Iraqi soldiers, the US military...
Russia says black box from jet Turkey shot down is damaged
Russia’s Defense Ministry on Friday publicly opened the black box of a warplane shot down by Turkey last month, a step it hopes will help confirm...
Black box from downed Russian fighter jet opened but memory chips damaged
The black box of the Russian warplane shot down over Turkey was opened yesterday in the presence of foreign experts.
Celebrity crane tires of country life and lands outside city railway station
A rare crane which has become a celebrity in Taiwan after getting lost on its journey from Siberia had to be rescued after a new misguided foray to a subway...
Rwandan voters set to agree changes which could create a president for life
Rwandans headed to the polling booths on Friday for a vote which could see president Paul Kagame stay in power until 2034.
Beijing on red alert again as second wave of smog rolls in to blanket city
Beijing has issued its second ever red alert as millions of Chinese were braced for a fresh wave of choking smog to hit this weekend.
Security guard sacked, three suspended, over airport checks on foreign minister
A security guard has lost his job and at least three other airport workers were suspended as a result of a botched security screening of Australia’s...
Warmest November in decades means 2015 likely to be hottest year ever
The globe shattered yet another heat record in November, continuing a warming trend that is all but certain to make 2015 the hottest year in modern history,...
Chinese metals tycoon goes missing after thousands of investors lose $6bn
The chairman of a faltering Chinese metal exchange, which allegedly left investors $6 billion out of pocket, has gone missing.
IMF boss Lagarde dismisses €400m negligence charge as ‘incomprehensible’
IMF boss Christine Lagarde is gearing up to fight moves to put her on trial for negligence in a case dating back more than 20 years.
Smugglers thwarted as three tonnes of ivory is recovered in separate hauls
Nearly three tonnes of ivory have been seized in Vietnam and Thailand, highlighting the still thriving black market trade for illegal animal parts in southeast...
Trail of despair: 60m people flee their homes to escape war and persecution
The number of people forced to flee their homes is likely to have far surpassed a record 60 million this year, the United Nations said on Friday.
Mother Teresa to be made a saint after Pope approves second miracle
Mother Teresa will be made a saint next year after the Pope approved her second miracle.
U.S.-Cuba aviation deal allows 110 scheduled flights a day
The United States and Cuba have struck a deal to allow as many as 110 regular airline flights a day, allowing a surge of American travel to Cuba that could...

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