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Obama runs wild in Alaska, drinks catkin tea for TV adventure show
They shared tea made out of catkins, ate wild salmon picked over by a bear, talked about being dads and discussed climate change. President Obama’s...
Specialist in failure: Chelsea sack Mourinho after dreadful start
Jose Mourinho’s “palpable discord” with Chelsea players forced the club to abruptly end his second spell as manager on Thursday with...
Martin Shkreli won’t have to hand over his Wu-Tang album — for now
A press conference announcing federal fraud charges against former hedge fund boss Martin Shkreli took an unusual turn Thursday with a question about a...
Putin hails ‘bright and talented’ Donald Trump, says ready to improve U.S. ties
It wasn’t quite an endorsement, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Donald Trump’s talents and lauded his calls for better ties...
Another heat record means 2015 likely to be hottest year ever
The globe shattered yet another heat record in November, continuing a warming trend that is all but certain to make 2015 the hottest year in modern history,...
Officer’s mistrial in Freddie Gray’s death a letdown for both sides
Instead of a dramatic conclusion to the trial of Officer William Porter, the first of six police officers to be tried in the death of Freddie Gray, the...
Putin: Turkey shot down our fighter plane to ‘lick America in a certain place’
Vladimir Putin unleashed a furious tirade against Turkey on Thursday, suggesting it shot down a Russian warplane last month to curry favour with the U.S.
Zuckerberg saddened as judge orders WhatsApp to be shut down for 48 hours
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg says he is saddened after a court in Brazil ordered WhatsApp to be shut down for 48 hours.
Volkswagen in the dock as inquiry launched into emission test rigging
Volkswagen is to face a European Union inquiry into the emission test rigging scandal.
Family’s outrage forces Le Pen to take down picture of murdered reporter
French far right leader Marine Le Pen has been forced to delete a photograph of the decapitated body of reporter James Foley from her Twitter account.
Arrested: Tycoon who enraged the world by raising price of drug by 5,000%
Entrepreneur Martin Shkreli - who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% - has been arrested by the FBI.
UN set to adopt resolution to stop flow of money to Islamic State
Countries are being urged to “move vigorously and decisively to cut the flow of funds” to so-called Islamic State, as UN finance ministers...
Air India worker dies after being sucked into jet engine
A man working for Air India has died after being sucked into a jet engine after a “mishap”. The freak accident happened as the plane pushed...
Police open fire after car rams gates at scene of Paris attacks ceremony
A policeman opened fire on a car which rammed the security barrier at Les Invalides monument in Paris.
Gunmen in pick-ups kidnap at least 26 Qataris on hunting trip in Iraqi desert
A gang of about 100 gunmen kidnapped a group of Qataris from their hunting camp in the Iraqi desert on Wednesday.
Blow for women as Japan’s highest court upholds same surname law for couples
Women’s rights campaigners were dealt a blow yesterday when Japan’s highest court upheld a law insisting that married couples must have the...
Executions in US at lowest level since 1991 and death sentences fall
The number of people executed in the United States this year dropped to the lowest level since 1991, as states impose fewer death sentences and defendants...
Tornado-like thunderstorm lashes Sydney with golf ball-sized hailstones
Australia’s biggest city Sydney was smashed by a tornado-like storm on Wednesday, with hailstones as big as golf balls and wind speeds of 200kph...
Australia’s Sydney lashed by tornado-like thunderstorm
Australia’s biggest city Sydney was smashed by a tornado-like storm on Wednesday, with hailstones as big as golf balls and wind speeds of 200kph...
The Force is with Abrams: Film critics give new Star Wars movie five-star rating
The verdict on the new Star Wars movie is in and the Force Awakens has been given the thumbs up.
Watch as cyclist bounces off high-speed train – and lives
A cyclist in Poland has survived being hit by a fast-moving train at a level crossing. The 26-year-old man was knocked over and fell to the ground...
North Korea sentences Canadian pastor to hard labour for life
North Korea’s highest court has sentenced a South Korea-born Canadian pastor to hard labour for life for subversion.
Rivals turn on Trump, warning he would be a ‘chaos president’
US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump faced attacks from his rivals in the final TV debate of the year as candidates fought to prove which of them could...
Planet Earth is blue… Astronauts dock safely with International Space Station
British astronaut Major Tim Peake has docked safely with the International Space Station (ISS).
600,000 pupils kept home as ‘credible bomb threat’ sees Los Angeles shut all schools
All of Los Angeles’ public schools have been ordered closed owing to a “credible threat”, city officials said.
600,000 pupils kept home as ‘credible threat’ sees Los Angeles shut all schools
All of Los Angeles’ public schools have been ordered closed owing to a “credible threat”, city officials said.
Prominent radical preacher held in Germany on suspicion of supporting terror
A German Islamist preacher has been arrested for recruiting fighters for a militant group in Syria and purchasing and delivering military equipment.
Astronauts blast into space for International Space Station mission
A rocket has blasted off carrying three astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) including Major Tim Peake, the first British professional astronaut...
Typhoon Melor kills four people and cuts power in wide areas of Philippines
The powerful typhoon that has swept through the Philippines has killed four people and left swathes of the country without power in the run-up to Christmas.
Watch as disgruntled hotel guest rams his pickup truck into lobby
Video shows a disgruntled hotel guest drive his pick-up truck into a hotel lobby - after an alleged row about a bill.

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