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Algae toxins may be erasing memory of sea lions, study shows
A toxin in algae may be erasing the memory of sea lions, which wash ashore by the hundreds each year off the coast of California, disoriented and suffering...
Hazardous smog hits Shanghai as China’s bad air spreads
Smog in Chinese metropolis Shanghai hit its highest level since January on Tuesday, prompting schools to ban outdoor activities and authorities to limit...
The eyes have it: Kerry in Russia in attempt to narrow gap over Syria
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he wanted to use a visit to Moscow on Tuesday to make “real progress” in narrowing differences with...
Flying high: Silver fern design to face off in final New Zealand flag vote
It’s official. A new flag, featuring a fern on a blue and back background, will face off against New Zealand’s current flag next March.
Bill Cosby hits back at sex assault accusers with counter-lawsuit
Comedian Bill Cosby is suing seven women who accused him of assaulting them, claiming they defamed him.
Merkel strikes compromise: pledges to reduce refugee flow, but keep doors open
Germany will reduce its migrant influx, Chancellor Angela Merkel promised her conservative party Monday, insisting that she’s still confident her...
At least 41 people die as bus carrying border officers plunges off Argentina bridge
A bus carrying police officers has crashed into a ravine in the north of Argentina, killing at least 41 people.
Elon Musk: get a manned mission to Mars before World War III breaks out
Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of electric car company Tesla, is worried that a looming World War III could scupper his plans to build a human colony...
Masked man claiming Islamic State link stabs teacher in Paris
A teacher has been attacked at a nursery school in Paris by a hooded knife-wielding man claiming links to Islamic State.
725,000 people evacuated as typhoon Melor slams into Philippines
About 725,000 people fled their homes and communities braced for heavy rain and coastal floods of up to four metres (13ft) as Typhoon Melor slammed into...
Egypt says ‘no proof’ terrorism behind downing of Russian airliner over Sinai
Egyptian officials say there is no evidence to believe the Russian jet which crashed in Sinai was brought down by terrorists.
Egypt says terrorism ‘not behind’ downing of Russian airliner over Sinai
Egyptian officials say there is no evidence to believe the Russian jet which crashed in Sinai was brought down by terrorists.
Scuffles as police block access to trial of Chinese human rights lawyer
The trial of one of China’s most high profile human rights lawyers, on charges of inciting ethnic hatred and provoking trouble, lasted just three...
‘Accidental fur’: How one company turns roadkill into high-end fashion
Pamela Paquin’s source for fashion is either tres chic or will make you shriek.
Urgent aid needed to fight ‘super’ El Nino, warns Oxfam
Droughts, erratic rains and frosts brought by a super-charged El Nino are severely impacting the Pacific, with Papua New Guinea worst hit, aid group Oxfam...
At least 87 killed in day of Burundi clashes, crackdown
Burundi’s political violence escalated Saturday as the country’s army said that 79 “enemies” and eight soldiers were killed during...
Climate deal hailed as ‘turning point’ for world’s reliance on fossil fuels
An “ambitious and balanced” deal on climate change will limit warming to “well below” 2C, according to France’s foreign minister.
Night of violence: at least 28 people found dead after attacks in Burundi
Burundi’s political violence escalated Saturday as at least 28 people were found shot dead in three neighborhoods in the capital, a day after the...
Mysterious herd of buffalo appears from nowhere to haunt prairie town
A herd of buffalo which has appeared from nowhere on a Canadian prairie has left police and wildlife experts scratching their heads.
High-jinks: Teachers fall ill after scoffing pot-laced brownies left in staff room
Three teachers who scoffed a tray of brownies left for them as a treat in their staff room fell ill because they were laced with marijuana.
President seeks to shed colonial past as he declares Gambia an Islamic republic
Gambia has been declared an Islamic republic in a move designed to distance the West African state from its colonial past.
Boost for markets as China’s economy shows signs of bouncing back
China delivered a welcome boost to the world’s economy on Saturday with figures showing business at its factories growing at its highest rate for...
Gaddafi’s son kidnapped as militants demand to know what his father did to cleric
The son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was kidnapped by militants demanding information about the fate of a Shiite cleric who went missing decades...
North and South Korea seek to end animosity with second day of talks
North and South Korea have held a second day of high-level talks aimed at easing cross-border tensions just months after a flare-up pushed them to the...
Polls open as women vote for the first time in Saudi Arabia elections
Voting has opened in Saudi Arabia’s first elections open to female voters and candidates.
Spanish policemen among dead in brazen Taliban raid on embassy compound
Two Spanish policemen were among at least six people killed in an hours-long Taliban siege near the country’s embassy in Kabul’s diplomatic...
Angered over possible contested convention, Carson considers leaving GOP
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson threatened on Friday to bolt the party and launch an independent White House bid, accusing Republican Party...
Turkey fines Twitter over failure to remove ‘terrorist propaganda’
Turkey’s communications regulator has imposed an unprecedented fine on Twitter for failing to remove content it said praised terror and incited...
Three International Space Station astronauts have returned safely to Earth
Three astronauts, from the United States, Russia and Japan, on Friday successfully completed a rare nighttime landing on Earth in the wintry Kazakh steppe...
Ex-cop’s rape conviction symbol of national problem in U.S.
The conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw Thursday night on charges of rape, sexual battery and other charges should send a strong message nationwide, said attorney...

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