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Turkey offers talks over downed jet but warns Moscow: ‘Don’t play with fire’
Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan held out an olive branch to Moscow on Friday while warning it should not “play with fire” in the row...
Killers betrayed their God, Hollande tells memorial service for Paris victims
The fanatics behind the murderous Paris attacks had betrayed their religion, French president Francois Hollande told a memorial service for their 130 victims...
Turkey offers talks with Putin over downed jet but warns: ‘Don’t play with fire’
Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan held out an olive branch to Moscow on Friday while warning it should not “play with fire” in the row...
Putin ‘asks for map of rebel forces’ so his bombers can hit Islamic State instead
Vladimir Putin has asked for a map of rebel forces in Syria so his forces can avoid bombing them and direct their power against Islamic State instead.
Brothers survive avalanches after both fearing the other had been killed
Two brothers have survived avalanches while skiing, despite both fearing the other was dead.
Hunters close in on escaped tiger on the loose near Mexican holiday resort
Hunters are closing in a Bengal tiger which has been on the run near a Mexican holiday resort for a month.
Relatives reveal their pain as memorial service for Paris attack victims begins
Hundreds of people who lost relatives in the Paris attacks are attending a memorial service in the French capital.
1,000-year-old sitting mummies unearthed from ruins of Peruvian pyramid
The skeletal remains of mummies dating back up to 1,000 years have been found by archaeologists in Peru.
Activist Canadian model denied entry to China for Miss World pageant
Canada’s Miss World contender says she was barred from entering China to take part in the beauty pageant.
China plays peacemaker as row over downed Russian fighter jet simmers
China called for calm on Friday as it stepped into the international row over the shooting down of a Russian fighter plane.
Pope decries powerful who leave poor to suffer during Nairobi slum visit
Pope Francis denounced the conditions slum-dwellers were forced to live in, saying Friday that access to safe water and decent housing was a basic human...
Relatives reveal their pain ahead of memorial to honour Paris attack victims
Hundreds of people who lost relatives in the Paris attacks will attend a memorial service in the French capital on Friday.
Russia seeks economic revenge against Turkey as spat escalates
Russia on Thursday pledged broad retaliatory measures against Turkey’s economy in revenge for the downing of one of its warplanes, as recriminations...
Trump called out for appearing to mock disability
An advocacy group is offering Donald Trump sensitivity training after he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability in a South Carolina speech.
Russia targets Turkey tourism and food in raft of sanctions over downed jet
Russia is preparing wide-ranging economic sanctions against Turkey for shooting down one of its jets on the Syrian border. Prime minister Dmitry Medvedev...
Poaching fears grow as judge lifts domestic ban on sale of rhino horn
A  judge lifted a ban on the domestic trade in rhino horn in South Africa on Thursday, alarming conservationists who say it will intensify the slaughter...
Donald Trump faces backlash for ‘mocking reporter’s disability’
Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump has stirred up outrage after he appeared to mock a journalist with a disability.
‘You’re dead. Die! Die!’: Spider killer’s screams send police scurrying
An arachnophobe’s noisy attempts to kill a spider caused a police alert after his neighbours suspected he was attacking his wife.
Swimmers warned to stay away from football-pitch sized Queensland sinkhole
Swimmers have been warned to stay away from a beach after a sinkhole the size of a football pitch opened up. Officials said the sinkhole swallowed...
Florida ‘Facebook killer’ found guilty of second-degree murder
A man who killed his wife and posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook has been found guilty of second-degree murder. Derek Medina shot 27-year-old...
Rescued Russian pilot insists Turkey ‘gave no warning’ before downing jet
The rescued navigator of a Russian jet shot down by Turkey has insisted he received no warning before his plane was downed.
I’m counting the days until we finish Paris gig, says Bataclan drummer
Eagles Of Death Metal drummer Julian Dorio has vowed to finish the band’s Paris gig, saying he is “counting down the days” until they...
Fan ejected from football game sends police 240 coconut doughnuts
A football fan sent 20 dozen coconut doughnuts to police officers as payback for being kicked out of a game.
Pope Francis, the messenger of peace, arrives for whirlwind tour of Africa
Pope Francis has arrived in Kenya for his first-ever visit to the continent, a whirlwind pilgrimage to three African nations.
Alive: One of the two downed Russian pilots ‘safe after 12-hour rescue mission’
One of the pilots of the Russian jet shot down by Turkey survived and is thought to be on his way back to his base, Russia’s defence minister has...
Metro services and schools reopen in Brussels as new Paris suspect named
Stations on Brussels’ metro have re-opened after the system was shut down following fears of a Paris-style attack. Police and security services...
2015 likely to be hottest year on record thanks to El Nino and mankind
This year is very likely to be the hottest year on record worldwide, the World Meteorological Organisation has said. Man-made global warming and a...
Forget the bigger boat, we need drones and smart technology…
Drones are to be used in Australia in an effort to protect surfers and swimmers from shark attacks.
Alive: One of the two downed Russian pilots escaped, says diplomat
One of the pilots of the Russian jet that was shot down by Turkey survived and is thought to be on his way back to his base, a diplomat has said.
Cut off: Gazprom halts Ukraine gas supplies after upfront payments stop
Russian company Gazprom has stopped gas supplies to Ukraine until Kiev pays for more energy.

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