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Newlywed couple ‘dined on mutilated parts of wife’s rapist’, say police
A newlywed Indonesian couple have been arrested over claims they dined on the genitals of the woman’s suspected rapist after her husband allegedly...
Global terrorism deaths soar as economic impact of attacks hits $53bn
The number of people killed by acts of terrorism in 2014 increased 80% to 32,658, according to a new study.
Tear gas and pepper spray fired - again - in Kosovo parliament
Opposition MPs in Kosovo fired tear gas and pepper spray in parliament on Tuesday, the latest such incident in a deepening political crisis over relations...
Russia confirms on-board bomb brought down Metrojet airliner in Egypt
Russia has confirmed that last month’s Metrojet airliner crash was caused by a terrorist act.
Going batty: secrets behind upside-down flight landings revealed
It is an aerial manoeuvre far beyond the capabilities of even the most sophisticated modern aircraft: landing upside down on a ceiling.
Paris attacks: Anonymous hackers declare war of Islamic State ‘vermin’
Hackers from the activist group Anonymous have declared war on Islamic State after the Paris attacks.
Paris attacks: We’re coming for you in Washington next, Islamic State video warns
Islamic State has used a new video to warn countries taking part in airstrikes in Syria they will suffer the same fate as France.
Paris attacks: Armed police raid on Brussels’ ‘jihadi heartland’ draws a blank
A special forces raid on a Brussels suburb in the hunt for Europe’s most wanted man has drawn a blank.
Paris attacks: ‘All free men are French’ as world falls silent for one minute
A minute’s silence was observed across the world on Monday in memory of the victims of the worst-ever terror attacks on French soil. In Paris,...
Seven UK terror attacks ‘stopped’ in last six months, says PM Cameron
British intelligence agents have foiled a terrorist plot on UK soil in the last month, Downing Street has said, as the Prime Minister warned a Paris-style...
Paris attacks: Suspected mastermind named as Belgian ‘with history’
The suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks has been named by French officials as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
‘We could not do much to save her’: Conjoined twins die in Bangladesh
Conjoined twin girls have died in Bangladesh less than a week after they were born, the hospital treating them said on Monday.
On the slide: Japan falls back into recession for fifth time in seven years
Japan has fallen back into recession, prompting expectations of further support from the country’s government and central bank. Gross domestic...
Paris attacks: Brussels suburb becoming known as Europe’s ‘jihadi central’
Authorities in Belgium have warned that a Brussels suburb caught up in the hunt for the perpetrators of the Paris attacks has become a breeding ground...
Je suis Paris: World’s iconic buildings lit up and vigils held after terror attack
Landmarks have been lit up and vigils held around the world in a show of solidarity with France in the aftermath from the Paris attacks. As the Eiffel...
Police clash with 80,000 anti-government protesters at rally in South Korea
Police fired tear gas and water cannons Saturday as they clashed with anti-government demonstrators who marched through Seoul in what was believed to be...
Paris: Attacks inject renewed urgency into talks to resolve Syria crisis
Foreign ministers from more than a dozen nations have begun meeting in Vienna seeking to find a way to resolve the conflict in Syria.
Pistorius reports to police station for community service for girlfriend killing
Oscar Pistorius walked into a South African police station Saturday to report for community service, the first public sighting of the double-amputee athlete...
Israeli military sends in bulldozers to demolish homes of Palestinian killers
The homes of four Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks against Israelis were demolished by the Israeli military on Saturday.
Paris: Concert hall attackers blow themselves up as commandos close in
More than 80 people have been killed inside the Bataclan concert hall where attackers seized hostages. Elite police commandos launched a dramatic...
Strong Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes off southwest Japan
A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the southwestern coast of Japan early Saturday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said, with Japanese authorities...
No ticket, no driver: Police stop Google self-driving car
A driverless Google car has been pulled over by police for going too slowly. The vehicle was stopped after an officer noticed traffic backing up behind...
Dead man’s car missing for nine years … but visible for years on Google Maps
The body of a man missing for almost a decade has been found inside a sunken car - which has been visible on Google Maps for years. Davie Lee Niles’...
Bodies of seven babies found wrapped in blankets and plastic bags
The bodies of seven babies have been found covered in blankets and packed in plastic bags in a flat.
Traffic policeman pulls over Google driverless car for going too slowly
A driverless Google car has been pulled over by police for going too slowly. The vehicle was stopped after an officer noticed traffic backing up behind...
Migrants face beatings, threats and robbery in Bulgaria, says rights group
Migrants coming through Bulgaria have faced beatings, threats and other abuses by police, a rights groups reported on Friday.
Church ‘kills homosexuals through repression’, says sacked gay priest
A former high-ranking priest fired by the Vatican after a very public coming-out says the church is killing homosexuals through persecution. Krzysztof...
IS ‘defeated and on the run’ after people they enslaved help drive them from town
Islamic State has been driven from the key Iraqi town of Sinjar after the people they enslaved there helped Kurdish militia drive them out.
The kindest cut: Thousands to be sterilised in global vasectomy-athon
Thousands of volunteers around the world are to be sterilised on Friday in a global vasectomy-athon to encourage men to take a bigger role in family planning.
Aung San Suu Kyi secures landslide victory … now the hard work begins
Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party has won a landslide victory in the Myanmar election, official results now show.

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