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UN moves to prevent ‘possible genocide’ in Burundi
The United Nations moved Thursday to pull Burundi back from the brink of “possible genocide,” adopting a resolution that called for urgent...
Pregnancy ruse security squad in fake beards shoot dead man in hospital raid
An elite security team, including one impersonating a pregnant woman in labour and others wearing fake beards, killed a man after bursting into a West...
Europe launches $2bn emergency fund to combat migration from Africa
European leaders launched a $2bn (£1.31bn) fund on Thursday to combat the poverty and conflict driving migration out of Africa.
Hollywood comes to town: Clooney mobbed as he pops in for a sandwich
George Clooney was greeted with cheers from a chilly but enthusiastic crowd as he arrived at a sandwich shop set up to help the homeless.
Stretch marks spell trouble for moon as Mars pulls it slowly to its doom
Mars’ largest moon has begun to fall apart. Phobos is already scarred by 12 mile “stretch marks” formed by stresses caused by the gravitational...
Apple Accused Of Racism After Ejecting Black Teens From Store
An Apple Store has been hit by accusations of racism after a group of black teenagers were asked to leave because staff thought they might shoplift.
Five enter FIFA presidency race, but Bility and Platini sidelined
FIFA said on Thursday it had admitted five candidates for its presidential election, scheduled for February amid the worst crisis in its history, after...
US department store Bloomingdale’s apologises for ‘date rape’ advert
Department store Bloomingdale’s has been forced to apologise after an advert in its holiday catalogue appeared to reference date rape.
Kurdish forces launch battle to retake Iraq’s Sinjar from Islamic State
Kurdish and U.S. forces have launched an offensive to retake Sinjar in northern Iraq from Islamic State - and cut off a vital supply route for the militants. U.S.-led...
Court move deepens Spanish standoff over Catalan secession
Spain’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday halted a push by separatist regional Catalan lawmakers to set a road map toward independence by 2017, acting...
Stressed-out Sepp Blatter in hospital after ‘small emotional breakdown’
Sepp Blatter has been admitted to hospital, claiming his body is “letting him down”.
Doping scandal athletics chief Lamine Diack quits Olympics role
Former world athletics president Lamine Diack has resigned as honorary member of the International Olympic Committee after coming under formal investigation...
Police officers jailed for killing taxi driver they dragged behind truck
Eight former policeman were jailed for 15 years each for killing a taxi driver by dragging him handcuffed to a police truck before beating him in his cell.
DNA tests confirm remains of Russia’s murdered tsar are genuine
Fresh DNA tests have confirmed that the exhumed remains of Russia’s murdered Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, are genuine.
100,000 travellers hit by Lufthansa flight attendants’ strike
Lufthansa says some 100,000 airline passengers won’t be able to travel Wednesday because of an ongoing strike by flight attendants.
100,000 travellers hit by Lufthansa flight attendants’ strike
Lufthansa says some 100,000 airline passengers won’t be able to travel Wednesday because of an ongoing strike by flight attendants.
Pachyderm patrol: Indonesia uses trained elephants to control forest fires
Forest fires difficult to control? Call in the pachyderm patrol. Officials in Indonesia are using trained elephants outfitted with water pumps and hoses...
Extraordinary case of chimpanzee mother caring for disabled infant
A chimpanzee mother cared for her disabled infant in the wild in Tanzania, Japanese researchers have reported.
Staunchly republican leader Turnbull meets the man who will be King
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was on Wednesday reminded of some harsh criticism he made of Prince Charles as the first in line to the British...
Nine believed dead as private charter jet crashes into apartment building
Nine people are feared to have been killed after a plane crashed into an apartment building in Ohio. The small business jet was descending when it...
Former West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt dies at age 96
Helmut Schmidt, who served as Chancellor of West Germany from 1974 to 1982, has died at the age of 96. The former Social Democrat leader died at his...
Brooklyn Beckham hands mum Victoria fashion gong at Glamour awards
Victoria Beckham was honoured with a Fashion Force award at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night, presented by her eldest son Brooklyn.
Appeals court rules against Obama immigration plan
President Barack Obama’s plan to protect from deportation an estimated 5 million people living in the United States illegally suffered another setback...
US air force chief says war on IS ‘will need boots on the ground’
The air campaign against the Islamic State group has made progress in degrading the jihadist organisation but will not be enough without local boots on...
Modigliani nude painting fetches record $170.4m at New York auction
A painting by Amedeo Modigliani fetched $170.4 million at an auction Monday, setting a world record for the artist and achieving the second highest price...
Deadly meningitis strain virtually eliminated in much of Africa: study
A new vaccine has virtually eliminated meningitis A in 16 African countries, but children will remain vulnerable to the disease which can kill or cause...
Now for the hard part: Suu Kyi on brink of power after thumping election wins
Fresh results from Myanmar’s election on Tuesday showed the opposition taking control of most regional assemblies as well as forming the next government,...
Tourist dies after 50mph shopping trolley crashes into car in Sydney
A Swedish man has been killed and another seriously injured after the pair crashed into a car while riding 50mph down a hill in a shopping trolley.
Doctor found after living as a hermit for 20yrs - now he wants to vanish again
A Spanish doctor has been found living in an Italian forest 20 years after he went missing.
Six shot dead by rogue Jordanian police officer at training facility
Two Americans, a South African and three Jordanians have been shot dead by a police officer at a training facility in Jordan, according to a US official.

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