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Model Heidi Klum transforms into voluptuous Jessica Rabbit for Halloween
Heidi Klum, who is evidently Halloween’s biggest fan, dressed as Jessica Rabbit for her annual bash in New York City.
Vitamin D linked to lower blood pressure and improved fitness
Taking vitamin D supplements may lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance, research has shown. Volunteers given the vitamin daily for two...
Kate Winslet: Pressure of social media can lead kids to eating disorders
Kate Winslet has said the pressure children feel to get validation on social media is a “huge problem” that can lead to eating disorders. "It...
Turkey death toll from bootleg booze rises to 23 with 15 others critical
The death toll in Turkey from drinking bootleg liquor has risen to 23 after 11 more people died in hospital over the past two days, local media said Sunday. The...
Turkey goes to the polls in critical vote amid security fears
Just five months after they last voted, Turks are going to the ballot box once again against a backdrop of growing security fears and deepening political...
At least 11 killed as two bombs explode at hotel in Somali capital Mogadishu
At least 11 people have been killed after two bombs exploded in a hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for Sunday’s...
Winter is coming, eventually: Fans face longer wait for next GoT series
Game of Thrones fans are going to have to wait a little longer for their next fix of the sword and sex fantasy, it seems.
Dead comet with skull face hurtles safely past Earth on Halloween
A massive space rock that shaved by Earth on Halloween looks like a dead comet with a skull face, NASA said after gaining a closer look at the spooky space...
Officials search for cause of deadly plane crash over Egypt’s Sinai
A Russian passenger airliner crashed Saturday in a remote mountainous part Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula 23 minutes after taking off from a popular Red...
Islamic State claims it brought down Russian plane over Egypt, killing 220
An Islamic State-linked group in Egypt has reportedly claimed responsibility for downing a Russian passenger jet in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.
ECB: Greek banks need further $15.8bn to get back on track
The European Central Bank says Greece’s battered banks need €14.4 billion ($15.8 billion) in fresh money to get back on their feet and resume...
Doctor convicted of 2nd degree murder in overdose deaths of three patients
A Los Angeles-area doctor was convicted of second degree murder Friday in a landmark case for killing three patients who overdosed on what a prosecutor...
No survivors: 100 victims found ‘strapped in seats’ in crashed Russian plane
At least 100 victims, many of whom were still strapped to their seats, have been pulled from the wreckage of the Russian passenger plane which crashed...
Oh, Snow! Fans will have to wait a little longer for next Game of Thrones series
Game of Thrones fans are going to have to wait a little longer for their next fix of the sword and sex fantasy, it seems.
Knife-wielding teenager shot dead as he charges at checkpoint police
Israeli security forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager who ran at them with a knife in the occupied West Bank on Saturday.
A 300,000-mile ‘near miss’: Skull asteroid to skim past Earth on Halloween
A large asteroid which bears an eerie resemblance to a human skull is expected to skim past Earth today.
$177,000 bins are installed to restore a little dignity to city’s bottle collectors
A new type of rubbish bin has been introduced to make bottle collection easier - and hand more dignity to the homeless in Copenhagen.
More than 200 feared dead as Russian passenger plane crashes in Egypt
A passenger plane carrying 224 people has crashed over Egypt, the prime minister’s office has confirmed. The plane was travelling from the Egyptian...
Ed Sheeran’s off to Summer Bay! Pop star makes Home And Away debut
Singer Ed Sheeran has made his debut in Australian soap Home And Away. Viewers see him walking on the beach talking to cast member Marilyn Chambers, played...
China naval chief says minor incident could spark war in South China Sea
China’s naval commander told his U.S. counterpart that a minor incident could spark war in the South China Sea if the United States did not stop...
Lo-carb ‘slightly better’ than low fat diets for weight loss
Adopting a low-fat diet and foregoing guilty pleasures such as crisps and fry-ups may not be the best way to slim, a study has found.
U.K crime victims asked to use Skype to speak to police as cuts bite
Crime victims are being asked to contact police on Skype instead of having officers visit their home to take a statement - in what has been labelled a...
Analysts say historic end to China’s one-child policy unlikely to boost economy
China abandoned its decades-old one-child policy Thursday to confront a looming slump in the economy’s workforce that it is probably powerless to...
Hacktivist group Anonymous threatens 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members
The hacktivist group Anonymous has threatened to expose the identities of up to 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan in an online post.
China ends one-child policy and allows families to have two children
China is to scrap its decades-long one child per family policy and allow couples to have two children.
Nigerian troops rescue over 330 women, children held by Boko Haram
Nigerian troops have rescued 338 captives, almost all children and women, from Boko Haram camps in a northeastern forest, the military said Wednesday.
Against all odds: Phil Collins comes out of retirement to ‘show kids what dad does’
Phil Collins “is no longer officially retired” as he annouced plans to record new material and to go on tour. He officially left the music...
MI5 Boss: IS Planning UK Mass Casualty Attacks
The head of MI5 has said the terror threat level facing Britain is the highest he has seen in his 32-year career.
Report suggests war crimes, cannibalism and other atrocities in South Sudan
Forced cannibalism, mutilation of bodies, conscription of child soldiers and other human rights abuses have marked the war in South Sudan and may amount...
Lost owl gets helicopter ride after crash landing on North Sea oil rig
A disorientated owl has hitched a lift on a helicopter after flying more than 100 miles to an oil rig in the North Sea.

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