15 missing after tourist boat sinks in Bali sea

At least 10 tourists and five Indonesians are missing after their boat sank while travelling between holiday islands in Indonesia. The tourists were on a boat travelling from Lombok Island to the Komodo Islands and are believed to have hit stormy weather, reports said. Ten people have been rescued but the fate of another 15 people—understood to be of mixed nationalities—is not known.

The incident took place … when the boat hit a reef and sank. Fishermen managed to rescue five of them alive later at night on Saturday, and five other foreigners were rescued by a sailing boat.

Search and rescue official

A search and rescue official in Lombok told the BBC that the 10 survivors are tourists from the UK, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The boat sank at 7pm on Saturday, but the alarm was only raised with rescue teams at 8am on Sunday because of “poor communication”, the official said.