60yo woman diver believed mauled to death by shark in second fatal attack in days

A woman whose body was found near Perth in Western Australia had suffered “significant injuries consistent with a shark attack”, police have said. It is believed she had been diving north-west of Mindarie, a northern suburb of the city, on Sunday morning local time. There had been reports during the morning of her being seen injured in the water. While the cause of the woman’s death has not officially been determined, the state’s Department of Fisheries agrees with police that the death could be a shark attack and has sent a boat to investigate.

The deceased person has significant injuries that are consistent with a shark attack, however the cause of the injuries are yet to be confirmed.

A police spokesman

The woman, aged 60, had been diving with a 43-year-old man, who reported feeling something “brush past him” in the water. He surfaced and saw a commotion in the water and as passing boat pulled both him on board. The woman’s body was pulled out of the water a few minutes later. On Friday night, surfer Ben Gerring died, three days after he was attacked by a suspected great white shark at Falcon Beach, about 71 miles south of Mindarie. Mr Gerring, 29, had been with a group of surfers when the shark tore off his right leg above the knee. A 4.2m (14ft) shark was caught on Wednesday near the scene of the attack. The animal was killed at sea but officials could not confirm it was the same one responsible for Mr Gerring’s death.