All civil servants to lose access to the internet in security clampdown

Civil servants have been told that internet access is NSFW in Singapore. They are being disconnected in a crackdown to make official information systems more secure, it emerged on Wednesday. The clampdown has already begun and all 100,000 or so public workers will lose their connection by June next year. The move caused a furore on social media, with many seeing it as an obstacle to efficiency in the wealthy city-state and a setback to improving work-life balance.

The Singapore civil service enters the internet dark age from 2017

Twitter user Kelvin Wong

Government employees who need the internet for work will be issued separate laptops with web access. If they don’t, they can use the internet on personal tablets or cellphones without access to government networks. In 2013, members of the hacktivist group Anonymous were said to have temporarily shut down 19 government websites although authorities denied the claim and attributed the outages to internal system failures.

We’re with you, civil servants of Singapore. Oh wait, you have no internet to read this tweet

A sarcastic response from blogger Mr Miyagi