Annoyed eagle attempts to carry young boy away in Australia

While nature can be breathtakingly beautiful, wildlife can pose a lot of potential danger. Visitors at Alice Springs Desert Park in Australia were reminded of this after a wedge-tailed eagle tried to fly away with a young boy on July 6. As BBC News reported, the wedge-tailed eagle attempted to airlift the boy —  who was wearing a green hoodie and reportedly kept running his zipper up and down — during a popular wildlife show at the park. They wrote that the surrounding crowd was stunned by the event, and witnesses explained that the bird “attempted to pick him up like a small animal.” BBC News spoke with onlooker Christine O'Connell, who captured several photos of the attack and even posted one on Instagram with a short account of what she witnessed.

Those talons are huge he was a very lucky young boy. The show was quickly cancelled and the boy taken off to first aid.

O'Connell on Instagram