Can anyone answer this?: Why is Israeli air force ‘sucking up’ to Google?

The Israeli Air Force has come under fire for using dozens of soldiers to spell out 'Google’ from the air to welcome the company’s boss. More than 100 airmen formed the logo, standing between two jets on the runway before Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt arrived at the Hatzerim Air Force base. They were then filmed from overhead with a drone and the footage was posted to YouTube accompanied by the music from Top Gun. A father of one of the servicemen said: “It was all done at two in the afternoon in the peak heat of Beersheba, which is a very hot place. They didn’t bother to give them anything to drink. The whole thing took an hour and a half after a day of travelling to get back to base.”

I don’t think that this is what soldiers ought to do in the army.

Father of one serviceman

Zionist Union politician Shelly Yachimovich said: “What a disgrace … dancing before the management of a private company that came to visit, and bowed before it and pleased it with a model’s flourishes.” Google Israel’s public relations officer Paul Solomon wrote on Twitter that the company was unaware of the stunt. He wrote: “See, sometimes even Google doesn’t have all the answers.” A spokesman for the Israeli Defence Force said: “The issue will be checked and lessons will be learned.”

What’s next? Will the soldiers line up in the shape of the Nike logo? Tanks laid up in the shape of the Gerber Baby? Fighter planes leaving behind smoke streaks promoting a coffee and croissant campaign?

Zionist Union politician Shelly Yachimovich