Defiant North Korea ‘refuses to bend to nuclear backmail’ over latest bomb test

North Korea has said it will not submit to US “nuclear blackmail”, following the West’s condemnation of its fifth and largest nuclear test. The secretive regime attacked its critics through its official newspaper as it faced a a fresh round of international sanctions after the explosion, which triggered an earthquake with a magnitude of 5. “Gone are the days never to return when the US could make a unilateral nuclear blackmail against the DPRK,” said the ruling party’s newspaper Rodong Sinmun. The newspaper also criticised South Korean president Park Geun-Hye over her condemnation of the test, calling her a “dirty prostitute” of foreign forces.

The US is exasperated by the strong military steps being taken by the DPRK in a phased way

Rodong Sinmun

North Korea has been widely condemned for Friday’s test - even China, its only ally, joined the chorus of disapproval. During an emergency meeting on Friday night requested by the US and Japan, the UN Security Council hit out at its “brazen defiance”. But that defiance continued on Saturday morning as the newspaper commentary added: “The DPRK will not change its option though such American colonial servant and dirty prostitute of foreign forces as Park Geun-Hye is making such a fuss.” North Korea has been subject to sanctions since 2006 but the impoverished country has, nevertheless, pushed on with its nuclear programme.

North Korea is seeking to perfect its nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles so they can hold the region and the world hostage under threat of nuclear strike

US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power