Diver cheats death as hungry great white crashes inside his shark cage

A diver came face to face with a great white shark when the predator thrashed its way into a cage while he was still inside. The man was trapped for several seconds as the confused creature crashed inside the cage looking for a way out. Video shows onlookers flinging open the top door before the bloodied great white’s head suddenly lunges out of the top and it is able to wriggle on its side and out into the open water. After a few seconds confusion, the diver emerges and climbs out of the cage to a round of applause.

When a great white shark lunges and bites something, it is temporarily blinded. They also cannot swim backwards so this shark lunged at the bait, accidentally hit the side of the cage, was most likely confused and not able to swim backwards.

Gabe and Garrett’s father

The footage was posted on the YouTube feed of two Californian boys, Gabe and Garrett, by their father, Brian, who said the shark breaching was “a very rare event”. It shows the 4m (12ft) great white become trapped as it bites on a piece of tuna and crashes into the cage in the sea off Guadalupe Island in Mexico. “It thrust forward and broke the metal rail of the cage,” said the father. The diver inside was a “very experienced” instructor and had managed to emerge from the incident shaken but uninjured, he added.