Dozens feared drowned as boat with 600 migrants on board capsizes off Egypt

Dozens of migrants are feared drowned after an overcrowded boat capsized off the Egyptian coast. At least 29 bodies have been recovered after the sinking in the Mediterranean near the city of Alexandria. Another 155 people have been rescued but there were thought to be 600 people, all hoping to cross the sea to begin a new life in Europe, on board the vessel.

Egypt is starting to become a departure country. The number of boat crossings from Egypt to Italy has reached 1,000 (so far) this year

Fabrice Leggeri, the head of EU border agency Frontex

The incident comes months after the head of the EU’s border agency warned that growing numbers of Europe-bound migrants were turning to Egypt as a departure point for the perilous journey. Smugglers often overload unseaworthy boats with passengers who have paid for the journey. More than 10,000 people have died crossing the Mediterranean to Europe since 2014, according to the UN.