‘Emotionally disturbed’ man detained by police outside Taylor Swift’s home

Police have detained an “emotionally disturbed” man outside Taylor Swift’s New York apartment. They were called by the pop star’s security team after the man turned up on her Tribeca doorstep on Tuesday evening. He willingly got into an ambulance but then became agitated and officers had to restrain him. Officers also searched a bag he was carrying. However, Swift, 26, was not home at the time and it is not known whether he made any threats against her.

If they had chosen someone else to give the Taylor Swift Award to, I’d be kind of bummed about it.

Taylor Swift was collecting an award named after her in LA at the time

The man was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. It is not the first time a stranger has shown up at one of Swift’s homes. In February, police were called to her Beverly Hills house after a musician showed up at her front gate and refused to leave. He claimed to have worked with Swift in the past and wanted to pitch some new ideas to her. Two weeks before that, a man was arrested outside another of her homes in Los Angeles.