Enough already! Even Ronald McDonald has had it with creepy clowns

The “Killer Clown” craze has spread to Britain, where police fear it will spike in the run-up to Halloween, and true clowns are beginning to speak out. The police have been called to several incidents around the country involving pranksters dressed as scary clowns who jump out and frighten people — in some cases, reportedly brandishing knives. British clowns said they wanted to defend the reputation of their profession in the face of the craze, which started in the United States.

The joke now has gone a little bit too far.

Andy the Clown, who has been a full-time clown for 10 years

The clown rage, which started with the circus characters sneaking out of the woods in parts of the rural Carolinas, has even the most popular personalities on edge, including fast-food icon Ronald McDonald. The restaurant chain announced Tuesday that, with reports of creepy clowns on the rise, Ronald McDonald is keeping a low profile.