Fancy a dream job at Apple? Sign here and then we’ll tell you what it is…

Landing a dream job at Apple usually requires a gruelling series of interviews and a lot of luck. But one tech industry analyst who was headhunted by the firm has revealed what it’s like to be wooed by the tech giant. Michael Gartenberg was asked whether he was willing to relocate to Cupertino, California - without even being told what his role would be. And the notoriously secret company warned him not to talk to the media, with one executive saying: “Apple speaks with one voice, and you’re not the voice.”

What happens at Apple tends to stay at Apple.

Mr Gartnerberg

The process started when he was on a regular conference call with Apple to talk about sales and trends. At the end of the call, Apple Vice President Greg Jozwiak asked Mr Gartenburg for “five, 10 minutes of your time”. Mr Gartenberg explained the process on a podcast with The Mac Observer. He told the podcast: “I said ‘You’re asking me if I’m interested in a job, if I’m willing to move out to the West Coast, but you’re not willing to tell me what the job is?’ He goes, 'Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Phil (Schiller, Apple’s marketing boss) will give you a call in the next couple of days.’” He was eventually offered the role of senior director for worldwide marketing. But even though he has now left, he’s still sticking to Apple’s policy of secrecy - and won’t reveal exactly what it involved.