First probate hearing set for Prince’s $300m estate

Attorneys are holding their first meeting today to try to unravel the complicated finances of the late pop superstar Prince. The hearing is scheduled Monday in probate court in Carver County in suburban Minneapolis. Prince’s full sister, Tyka Nelson, filed papers last week saying Prince had no known will. That means under Minnesota law, his estate – estimated to be anything between $300million and $500million – would be divided among his surviving siblings. Prince made hundreds of millions of dollars for record companies, concert venues and others, and he owned about $27million in property in Minnesota.

It was amazing. I don’t think I ever saw him really looking bad ever. He was always on point.

Chef Ray Roberts

Meanwhile, Prince’s personal chef has said that the singer spent his final months battling sore throats and stomach pains for “weeks at a time”. Ray Roberts cooked for Prince for almost three years and told the Associated Press news agency that the musician “wasn’t himself” in the months leading up to him being found dead at his Paisley Park complex in Minneapolis on 21 April. Roberts said Prince had recently been asking for items such as smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices that were easier to digest. "I think he was just struggling with being sick a lot,“ he said. Detectives are looking into whether Prince was being prescribed drugs by a doctor in the weeks before his death - and whether the star died of an overdose.