Five arrested over Kenya massacre as al Shabaab threatens more bloodhsed

Five people have been arrested in connection with the massacre of 148 people at Kenya’s Garissa University, as the al Shabaab terror group threatened more bloodshed. The arrests, confirmed by the Kenyan interior ministry, come after a reward of £148,370 was offered for the capture of alleged mastermind, former teacher Mohammed Mohamud. At least 148 people were killed and 79 hurt as Somalia’s al Shabaab extremists targeted Christians, some praying at a lecture hall. Al-Shabab has since pledged a “long, gruesome war” against Kenya.

Not only are you condoning your government’s oppressive policies by failing to speak out against them, but are reinforcing their policies by electing them. You will, therefore, pay the price with your blood.

Al Shabaab emailed statement

The hall was one of the first sites the gunmen targeted. That suggested the masked attackers, who were strapped with bombs and armed with AK-47s, planned their operation extensively, said students. They claimed many victims were forced to phone their parents and urge them to call for Kenyan troops to leave Somalia - before they were shot. Others appeared to have been killed by knives in the attack in eastern Kenya, near the Somali border. But some students were freed, apparently because they were Muslim. Al Shabaab said the attack was in retaliation for Kenya sending troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight the militants and stabilise the Mogadishu government.