Grab it while you can: Kanye West to open 21 pop-up Pablo stores

Kanye West fans can buy a taste of The Life of Pablo this weekend following the rapper-turned-fashion mogul’s announcement of 21 pop-up stores worldwide that will be open for just three days. The singer tweeted a map with red dots indicating the stores’ locations on Wednesday night. Most of them will be in major cities in the U.S. but there will also be stores in Toronto, London, Berlin, Cape Town, Amsterdam and two in Australia.

21 Pablo stores worldwide this weekend. Locations here

Kanye West tweet

West appears to be expanding the pop-up store concept following a successful run at a New York City location in March. Shoppers lined up for blocks to snatch a piece of clothing inspired by Pablo, the 39-year-old’s latest album. A recycled, customised Levis jacket was on sale at the store for $400. In the latest venture, shops in each city will sell thier own customised shirts with their names written in Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s gothic script that has graced most of West’s current collection. The exact locations will be announced 24 hours before they open.