Gruesome police hunt after decapitated body parts found in pond in Tokyo park

Human body parts including a head and legs were found in a pond in a in a wealthy residential area of Tokyo on Thursday. The remains were spotted by a passer-by who called police. They found a right foot, a head, torso and hands. The body parts were almost skeletonized and that the age and sex of the victim were difficult to determine, officials said. They also could not determine how long the body parts had been in the 1m deep pond in Himonya park.

Whether or not it is a crime hasn’t been confirmed yet

Police spokesman

Murders are relatively rare in Japan so the major search in the upmarket neighborhood has captured national attention. The small park is accessible around the clock and has no security guards, police say. Visitors can rent boats to row on the pond in the park, which also has baseball field and a gymnasium. “This is a tranquil park where children come and play all the time,” a long-time resident said.