Gucci apologises for warning letter to shops over paper funeral fakes

Gucci apologised on Friday after warning some Hong Kong shops not to sell paper offerings for funerals which resembled the fashion brand’s luxury products. The brand and its Paris-based owner, Kering, also said in a statement that they regretted any misunderstanding caused by the letters, which were sent to six shops last month. After meeting with the shop owners, the companies said: “We regret any misunderstandings that may have been caused and sincerely apologise to anyone we may have offended through our action”

Kering and Gucci would like to reiterate their utmost respect with regards to the funeral context

Gucci statement

In Hong Kong and some other parts of Asia, people burn paper offerings at funerals and during grave-sweeping festivals for relatives to use in the afterlife. Specialty shops near funeral parlours sell a diverse array of paper offerings, including bundles of hell money, mansions, iPhones, cars, cigarettes and designer handbags, cans of beer and soda, mahjong tables and dogs and cats. Shopkeepers had laughed off Gucci’s warnings, with one saying: “If they send us a letter, we’ll respond jokingly by saying perhaps we can help send it to the underworld, and see how it’s received there.”

Everyone sells this stuff. We’re still going to sell [the goods]. If one of us gets in trouble, we’ll all be in trouble together

Hong Kong shopkeeper