Guy Ritchie defends ‘fabulous actor’ David Beckham amid King Arthur criticism

Director Guy Ritchie has defended David Beckham’s latest big screen outing, calling him a “fabulous actor”. It comes after his cameo role in the director’s new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was criticised as “cringeworthy” by some fans. They seemed unimpressed after spotting the former footballer in a recent teaser clip of Ritchie’s retelling of the classic story. But at the movie’s premiere in London, the British movie-maker was keen to back the sports star, who worked with an acting coach for the role. Ritchie praised his long-time friend’s work on set, saying: “He was fantastic, I love old Becksy. He is a fabulous actor and a real pleasure to be with.” But asked if he thought a movie career beckons for Beckham, he added: “I don’t know yet, one step at a time.”

Just watched the Beckham clip in King Arthur. Literally had to cover my eyes was so cringe

Twitter user Craig Kent

Many people commenting on social media were less than complimentary about Beckham, with one describing it as “the worst acting I’ve ever seen”. Craig Kent commented: “Just watched the Beckham clip in King Arthur. Literally had to cover my eyes was so cringe.” Ossie Ikeogu teased: “Not sure if Posh should dust off the Oscars dress just yet after seeing King Arthur trailer."His acting talent was even compared to that of the stone at the centre of the film. Broadcaster Piers Morgan called his performance "Oscar-level excellent”, going on to say “he could be the third Mitchell brother!” Others blamed Ritchie for casting his pal in the film in the first place, and putting him slap bang in the middle of the most pivotal scene of the movie. Beckham previously made a very brief cameo as a Russian film projectionist in Ritchie’s last film,The Man from UNCLE, in 2015.