Haima hammers Hong Kong after cutting deadly swathe through Philippines

The usually frenetic streets of Hong Kong were deserted on Friday as the city was battered by deadly Typhoon Haima. More than 700 flights in and out of the city were cancelled or delayed, roads were clear of cars and pavements empty, with schools and offices shut as the storm passed east of the city and hit southern mainland China. Trading on the city’s stock exchange was also cancelled for the day. As Haima swept past Hong Kong, trees were felled by winds, and waves crashed over coastal roads. Eight people were left hospitalised with injuries, authorities said. Four are in a serious condition.

I’m from Nepal and I used to live by a lake. I like playing with the water. I’m not afraid of the water

One Hong Kong resident as he plays in the waves brought by the typhoon

The storm has already caused widespread devastation in the Philippines before taking aim at Hong Kong. It was at its fiercest when it hit the Philippines where it destroyed tens of thousands of homes and at least 12 people were reported dead. It arrived at the end of a week of downpours in Hong Kong that brought severe flooding to some parts of the city. Ferry services including the city’s famous cross-harbour Star Ferry were cancelled, while Cathay Pacific said it expected “significant disruptions” to its flights. The government has set up more than 20 shelters and the city was expected to remain in lockdown for most of Friday until the storm passed.