Hundreds evacuated from passenger plane as engine fire breaks out on runway

Hundreds of passengers were rescued from a blazing aircraft when an engine burst into flames as it was about to take off from a Tokyo airport on Friday. Most of the 302 passengers and 17 crew escaped unharmed from the fire on the Korean Air jet on the runway at Haneda Airport. However, two men and five women were said to have been injured while dozens more were said to have felt unwell after the incident. TV footage showed fire trucks blanketing one side of the Boeing 777 with white foam while smoke poured from one of the engines.

So this happened in Tokyo! At least I made some friends

Twitter user Deepesh Mohnani shrugs off the drama as he posts pictures from the scene

Emergency chutes were deployed from the doors of the plane which was heading to Seoul. Fire trucks raced to the scene as the the runway was closed at what is one of the world’s busiest airports. They had the flames contained within minutes, while passengers watched from a nearby grassy bank. The cause of the fire was not known but no one was thought to be seriously hurt.