I got you babe: Cher aims to free lonely, chained elephant in Pakistan

Cher is leading the campaign to ease the plight of a lonely elephant in a Pakistani zoo. The pop icon dispatched her representative, Mark Cowne, to Islamabad to check up on Kavaan, who has been kept chained for 27 of his 29 years at the Maraghazar Zoo. She said he had made sure the elephant had adequate shade and water. Mr Cowne said that the singer, 70, was so moved she would soon launch an international campaign to help elephants in captivity.

Mark got Kaavan Water, Shade & Unchained. MARK IS TRYING EVERYTHING TO FREE HIM

Cher on Twitter

Cher stepped in when pictures of the elephant in chains with only a dilapidated shed for shelter and a small, dirty pond to play in spread on social media. Kavaan was given to Pakistan by Sri Lanka in the 1980s. His only companion died in 2012. His keepers say they have never heard of Cher or her music but were grateful for her support. “We hope this will change things for him,” said the animal’s caretaker, Muhammad Jalal.

We’ve known Cher for a long time; she’s as passionate about helping animals mistreated in captivity as we are

Mark Cowne