Iraq army ‘driving IS out of the country and winning the battle’

A senior commander in the Iraqi army has revealed they are taking back crucial territory from the Islamic State group in Anbar province. Special forces on the frontline in the city of al Karmah have amassed heavy artillery and deployed hundreds of troops. IS still controls most of the province, including most recently the capital Ramadi, which they took near full control of a week ago. But the head of Baghdad Operational Command says his forces are making gains, dismissing fears the whole province could fall under IS control.

We’ve killed many - more than 250 terrorists in the past few days.

Lieutenant General Abdul Amir

Lieutenant General Abdul Amir al Shammari told Sky News from the frontline: "With the Iraqi air force and military helicopters and coalition airstrikes contributing to our ground forces. The coalition strikes provided cover for our troops to push forward.“ But scenes at the crossing point out of Anbar tell a different story. More than 112,000 people have fled the fighting in the past 10 days and are trying to get to safety. Those who do not have a sponsor in Baghdad who can vouch for them are turned back. Hundreds are still stuck at checkpoints and thousands more are in camps inside Anbar.