It’s under your S-S-S-SUV: 8ft boa constrictor freed after slithering beneath car

A snake expert has rescued an 8ft boa constrictor from beneath an SUV parked outside a medical centre in Pennsylvania. Herpetologist Cameron English was called to free the reptile after it was spotted slithering under the Mercury Mountaineer. With the help of passer-by Nathan Fortson, he had to cut away a heat shield to free the snake after it wrapped itself around the drive shaft. Car owner Katie Hauer, who’d been inside the medical centre in Kingston borough, said: “They told me I better not get in my car.”

It’s a shame when people release the animals. They get them as babies, don’t do their research and they grow too large so they let them go rather than contacting myself or someone in the hobby

Cameron English

At first, exotic pet business owner Mr English, who also works as a veterinary technician, suspected the large snake was a black rat snake, which are native to the area. “When I got there, I saw the patches on the snake and knew it was a boa constrictor,” he said. However, he had been hoping the snake would be in the engine compartment, rather than around the drive shaft. “This was one of the worst possible spots it could be on a vehicle,” he said. It took the two men 45 minutes to remove the snake without harming it before taking it away in a plastic box. It will be resettled with other snakes at Mr English’s business.

I’m a nervous wreck. I’m going to check under my car and around my car every single day now.

Car owner Katie Hauer