I’ve never slept better: David Ginola jokes after six-hour heart op saves his life

Former football pin-up David Ginola was recovering in hospital on Friday from a quadruple bypass operation after suffering a heart attack while playing football. The former France international was operated on overnight and was expected to make a full recovery. Ginola, who had to be given seven shocks with a defibrillator to revive him, said he was feeling fine after regaining consciousness. The ex-Newcastle and Tottenham favourite joked in a tweet that he had “never slept better” after the surgery.

Hello world, never slept better. I’m fine, just need to rest a bit. Thank you so much all of you for your magnificent support.

David Ginola

Ginola, known as much for his film star looks and silky locks as for his silky soccer skills, was in Mandelieu, west of Cannes in southern France, for a celebrity golf tournament when he collapsed. Prof Gilles Dreyfus, who carried out the operation at Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Centre, said the 49-year-old was in “a catastrophic state” when he arrived. But he said his recovery was going well and that he “does not show any neurological after-effects”. The surgeon added that Ginola had been “very lucky” with the quick response of emergency services.

He’s knocked out and does not remember anything, but it goes well, I could talk with him

Prof Gilles Dreyfus