Japan PM Abe: too early to discuss specific revisions to constitution

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday it would not be easy to revise Japan’s constitution, a day after a resounding election victory opened the door for a possible revision of the charter that was adopted after World War II. Abe’s coalition and allies obtained two-thirds of the seats in the upper house of parliament which, with the ruling bloc’s super majority in the lower house, could allow them to revise the document. However, Abe told a news conference this would not be so easy and debate had to be deepened.

Conservatives see the constitution as emasculating the nation. If I’m in his camp, I’m thinking, this may be my best shot.

Jeffrey Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University in Tokyo

China’s official news agency said on Monday a win for Abe’s ruling bloc in upper house elections posed a danger to regional stability, with lawmakers who favour revising the pacifist constitution holding a “super majority”. “With Japan’s pacifist constitution at serious stake and Abe’s power expanding, it is alarming both for Japan’s Asian neighbours, as well as for Japan itself, as Japan’s militarisation will serve to benefit neither side,” the Xinhua commentary said.