Lost in a lake: Dog swims six miles and walks 12 more to be reunited with family

A dog swam more than six miles and walked a dozen more to find its family after falling overboard into a lake. Rylee, a 10-month old Belgian Malinois, made the remarkable return to owners Edward Casas and his wife, Kristin, following an accident on Lake Michigan. She had gone overboard while the couple were busy on the boat. After they made a mayday call on the radio, the couple were put in touch with a volunteer group which searches for lost dogs. And they were reunited the next morning when Rylee was spotted at a nearby campground.

It was amazing. She literally swam over six miles and walked over 12 miles more through the woods.

Lynn Fiedor, who runs a volunteer group called Lost Dog Search Team

Mr Casas was in the engine room trying to figure out a mechanical problem with the boat and his wife was steering when Rylee vanished. Having been told about the sighting the next morning, they drove to the campsite in a borrowed truck. As soon as Mr Casas started squeaking one of Rylee’s favorite toys, the pup emerged from woods and joyfully greeted at them. “Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of guy that cries, but oh did this make me cry,“ said Mr Casas.

There was a lot of sobbing and a lot of hugging

Edward Casas