Michael Moore wades into election with surprise screening of anti-Trump film

Film-maker Michael Moore has announced the surprise release of an anti-Donald Trump documentary weeks before the US election. He surprised fans with a free screening of the new film, called Michael Moore In Trumpland, in Manhattan on Tuesday night. The documentary is based on a one-man show in which he rails against the outspoken Republican nominee and warns voters that rival Hillary Clinton is anything but certain to win. The 73-minute film will run for a week in Manhattan before being given a wider release in New York and Los Angeles.

Every time you felt good about how the debate went - or every stupid, ridiculous thing that Trump has done… it’s a dangerous position to take… There’s a long tradition of Americans electing people they weren’t going to elect

Michael Moore

Moore has a long tradition of making controversial documentaries, including Fahrenheit 9/11, which denounced the Bush administration’s ulterior motives for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. His latest film comes a month after he said on Facebook that he was banned from performing and filming his show at a theatre in Ohio for being too controversial. Described as a “daring and hilarious one-man show”, the film had a one-hour introduction by Moore himself at its premiere at the IFC Center in Greenwich Village on Tuesday night. “If you support Hillary Clinton and you’ve been doing this hands-on dance and celebrating her early victory, you’ve been helping to defeat her,” he told the crowd.