Missile explodes shortly after lift-off in latest North Korea test launch

North Korea’s latest attempt to fire a powerful mid-range missile appears to have ended in an embarrassing failure. The projectile reportedly exploded soon after lift-off, according to officials in the South and the U.S. The launch attempt was made near an airport in North Pyongan province shortly after mid-day on Saturday. It is believed to have been a ballistic Musudan which North Korea has now test-fired seven times, with one part success.

We strongly condemn this and North Korea’s other recent missile tests, which violate UN Security Council Resolutions explicitly prohibiting North Korea’s launches using ballistic missile technology

Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross

North Korea has claimed technical breakthroughs in its goal of developing a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the U.S. Although observers say this is unlikely, the U.S. has agreed to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system to South Korea. After the latest apparent test launch, Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said: “Our commitment to the defence of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Japan, in the face of these threats, is ironclad. We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation.”