Munich bans backpacks from this year’s Oktoberfest in security clampdown

Backpacks and other large bags will be banned from this year’s Oktoberfest as part of a security crackdown. Bags of more than 3 liters (0.8 gallons) in capacity won’t be allowed into the world’s biggest beer festival, which starts in Munich next month. It is among the measures introduced in the wake of recent attacks in Germany. A 350m (380yd) fence will be put up to secure an open entrance to the festival grounds, while the number of security guards on patrol will be increased to up to 450 a day.

Oktoberfest won’t become a high-security zone, but there will be important changes that affect all guests

Munich deputy mayor Josef Schmid

The new measures come after three attacks, which all took place within a week of each other last month. It will cost the authorities millions of euros more as the try to ensure that the event passes without incident. Other measures include the installation of a loudspeaker with messages in multiple languages in the event of an emergency. However, deputy mayor Josef Schmid stressed there was “no concrete danger” to the Oktoberfest and “there are no threatening videos or anything like that”.