Murder suspects act out the final moments in the killing of Bali policeman

Two suspects accused of killing a policeman on the Indonesian island of Bali have taken part in a reconstruction of the murder. Briton David Taylor, 33, and his Australian girlfriend Sarah Connor, 45, were filmed dressed in orange prison outfits and with their names printed on signs around their necks, at the crime scene with scores of police officers on Wednesday. Taylor is seen re-enacting the moments he struck the victim with a green beer bottle during a fight on the sandy beach. Others showed Connor on the back of a motorbike and the couple hugging one another.

David fell and became involved in a fight with the victim. Victim and David hitting each other and struggling.

Instructions shouted by police during re-enactment

The reconstruction comes two weeks after Wayan Sudarsa’s body was discovered with head and neck wounds on Kuta beach. Taylor, a musician with the stage name DJ Nutzo, and Connor were named as suspects and arrested two days after the killing while seeking protection at the Australian consulate. They have since been detained and questioned by police in Bali’s capital, Denpasar, and could face up to 15 years in jail if found guilty of murder. Their lawyers have admitted there was a fight between the two men but have offered differing and confusing accounts of what happened.

I can see that they both really love each other because their body language showed they wanted to embrace each other

Taylor’s lawyer Haposan Sihombing asks for the couple’s handcuffs to be removed