Officer’s ‘Sorry I tased you’ cake fails to win over woman shot with stun gun

It was meant to keep her sweet. But a cake allegedly baked by a police officer as an apology for firing his stun gun could be the vital slice of evidence in a lawsuit against him. The peace offering was supposedly given by officer Michael Wohler to the woman he shot at her apartment in Florida last year. Now, lawyers for Stephanie Byron say it is conclusive evidence that he fired the gun and should pay her damages. They even included a photo of the cake with the words 'Sorry I Tased you’ crudely piped across it in their court documents. But, in another odd twist, the picture appears to be a fake as it was posted online a year before the incident took place.

The cake Wohlers baked provides his version of the encounter and clearly shows a person [representing] Wohlers firing the Taser at Ms. Byron.

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Ms Byron

The lawsuit relates to an incident in June 2015, when Mr Wohlers turned up in uniform at the apartment complex where Ms Byron works. It was alleged that he hectored her about her private life before taking a glass of tea from her. When she tried to get it back, he discharged the stun gun into her chest and throat, according to the court papers filed in Pensacola. The “excessive force” violated her civil rights, and caused her physical injuries, monetary loss, medical expenses, humiliation and mental anguish, it claims. Mr Wohlers, who denied the claims, dismissed the incident as horseplay but has since left his job with the police.