Out of credit: The Waltons’ snooty shopkeeper, Ronnie Claire Edwards, dies

Ronnie Claire Edwards, who played grocer Ike Godsey’s prickly wife, Corabeth, on The Waltons, has died. She was 83. The actress, who appeared in seven series of the popular US family drama as well as several TV films, died at her Dallas home from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. “Corabeth was a character and Ronnie Claire was an even bigger character,” said Mary McDonough, who starred as Erin Walton. “She was larger than life and so whip-smart and funny.”

Because of all that treacle, what was needed was another spice. It was a fantastic part, the best character in the show. People still remember, ‘No credit, Mr. Godsey,’ and that just delights me. I am very fond of Corabeth

Ronnie Claire Edwards on her most famous role

Edwards joined The Waltons in the third series when she hesitantly agreed to marry John Walton’s cousin, shopkeeper Ike Godsey, after their first date. She went on to bring a caustic counterbalance to the programme’s homespun family charm. Edwards, who also wrote plays and had a number of minor film roles including in Star Trek: The Next Generation, appeared in more than 100 episodes. Her close friend, Marty Van Kleeck, who was with her when she died, said: “She was incredibly creative and imaginative. She was one of a kind, the kind of person you hope you meet in your lifetime and rarely get the opportunity to.”

When fans around the world come up to you and say, 'I love to hate you,’ you know that the actor has done her job

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