Owner’s despair as four who ate missing sheepdog face police investigation

Four men who killed and ate a missing sheepdog are being investigated by police. They have told officers they found the animal dead beside the road before butchering it, cooking it and eating it at a village hall in the South Korean city of Iksan.Choi. But witnesses say they dog was wounded but alive when it was last seen, while the owner has spoken of her heartbreak at the dog’s death. Police are now looking into security camera footage of buses which pass the area to determine whether the dog was alive or dead when the men found it.

I cut (the dog’s) umbilical cord and raised it for the next 10 years. It never even growled at home … My heart has been ripped

The dog’s owner, named only as Chae

The owner, named only as Chae, reported the dog missing two days before it was eaten. Security camera footage from the village hall shows the four men arriving with the dead dog on the back of their truck. The message board on the Iksan police station’s website was flooded with hundreds of comments calling for the men to be sternly punished as the case sparked debate on the country’s dog-eating culture. The men could face charges of embezzling lost property if the dog was already dead or, if they killed it, be charged under animal abuse laws with a maximum ten-year jail term.